The GE Profile Gas on Glass Range: Stunning!

The JGB428 - the New Gas on Glass Range from GE Profile.

The JGB428 Gas on Glass Range from GE Profile balances style and practicality.

You’ve seen the new electric ranges with smooth, glass cooktops and radiant burners. They have a sleek style and are incredibly easy to clean up after any cooking session, and the ceramic glass is also durable. 

For those that envy that sleek glass look, but prefer the traditional reliability of the gas range, your answer is here. GE Profile just released the new Gas on Glass range that has all the attractiveness of a ceramic glass surface, but the reliability of gas and the control of your cooking heat that a gas range gives you.

The new model, which was released in September 2010,  features all the things you love about gas ranges, but better. It has heavy-cast cooktop grates that are actually connected to create a continuous, sturdy cooking surface, and a powerful 15,000 BTU burner for quick boiling and stir-frying. It also has a “Precise Simmer” burner for those delicate foods or times when you need low, even heating temperatures. Some consumers prefer gas ranges for amount of control they get out of the heat output, as well as the fact that if the power goes out, you can still cook a good meal. This is not so with electric ranges, although they do have their own benefits as well.

 On top of all this, the cooktop surface is that sleek, ceramic glass that looks amazing and is absolutely easy to clean off– just like those smoothtop electric ranges.

 The new GE Profile Gas on Glass model gives consumers a new range (no pun intended!) of options to choose from when considering kitchen appliances– it balances the beauty of glass cooktops with the reliability of gas ranges. If you are one of those gas range lovers (some people swear by it), Appliance Factory Outlet has your gas range needs covered– including the new GE Profile Gas on Glass range– for unbelievable savings!

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