Bosch: Pro-Environment Since the Beginning

Bosch has always been energy efficient, and has been committed to environmental protection and resource conservation for 25 years. Being a German company, their appliances have always been engineered to European standards, something that American consumers may not know. Now, however, Bosch is making it known. They’ve recently introduced their “Green Technology Inside” symbol to help consumers identify the most energy efficient appliances they produce.

Green Technology Inside According to the Bosch website, the logo “symbolises our commitment to developing the most efficient home appliances and producing them according to our strict ecological guidelines.”

 Their newly developed product line has dropped energy usage all across the board, without sacrificing performance. The biggest reduction in energy usage was for their line of Refrigerator-Freezers, which use a whopping 61% less energy than their older versions. Their laundry had a 46% drop in energy usage, and their dishwashers, what Bosch is best known for in the U.S., had a 25% drop.

 What’s significant about Bosch’s energy efficient dishwashers is that they now use almost 50% less water than their older lines, but have a larger capacity (15% more) than other dishwashers. On average, the Bosch dishwasher uses about 1.57 gallons of water during a full wash cycle, compared to the almost 5 gallons used by regular dishwashers.

SHX68E15UC Bosch Dishwasher

The SHX68E15UC Integra Series Bosch Dishwasher is stylish, functional, and energy efficient. Image courtesy

Their dishwashers also don’t have a heated dry cycle, and instead use recycled energy from the wash cycles to dry the dishes. Bosch calls this “condensation drying,” where the hot water from the wash cycle creates condensation inside the machine which helps the dishes dry without the use of blowing hot air. This not only saves energy but gives Bosch an NSF certification in their dishwashers.

 The Bosch dishwasher uses a load sensor to constantly test water temperature and water amount in the dishwasher, allowing the appliance to automatically adjust the amount of water used in each washing cycle. On top of this, they even have an “EcoAction” option which allows the user to reduce energy consumption up to 25% on their dishwasher, as well as options for washing only half a load of dishes, too.

 Bosch has always been committed to energy efficiency, and you can be, too! Right now you can get up to $100 off select Bosch dishwashers, including dishwashers from the Evolution and Integra series. Appliance Factory Outlet has a large selection of energy efficient Bosch dishwashers available for already amazing prices, so visit your local store and receive your rebate today.

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