Tips to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Working Well


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It’s never pleasant to sit at a table by the kitchen sink that has a broken garbage disposal. When garbage disposals don’t work you’re faced with not being able to use your sink and living with the easily recognizable odor of rotting food.

Garbage disposals provide convenience to our already hectic lives. They grind up foods we dump down our sink drains, as well as grind up foods spit up into the drain by the dishwasher. When your disposal breaks or clogs its hard to remember how to live with out it, not to mention the stench that comes with a broken disposal. The good news is that with a few simple tips you can keep your garbage disposal in good working condition, and never have to remember how to live without it again.

Simple tips to keep your disposal running in good condition:

  • Enter small amounts of food, rather than large amounts, with cold running water.
    • Use cold water with your disposal because hot water can melt fats found in your food that will contribute to the clogging of your disposal.
  • To help remove drain odor try grinding a citrus peel, like an orange or lemon, with warm running water.
  • Remove any objects that may fall down the pipe that can’t decompose, but never use your hand to remove objects from the disposal!
  • Clean your disposal frequently.
    • One method to help remove buildup and sharpen the blades is to grind up ice.
    • To help with the removal of scale build-up, pour a cup of vinegar into the sink drain and let sit for about 45 minutes then flush with hot water.
  • Check your manual to see which fibrous foods are not recommended for disposing. This usually includes bones, coffee grounds and corn husks.
  • Do not pour uncooked fat or grease from meat into the disposal. This will encourage clogging of your disposal. A way to get rid of that fat and grease without using your disposal is to solidify it in an empty can or jar and dispose of it in the trash.

While these tips will help prolong the life of your disposal, the time will come when your disposal no longer runs, or doesn’t run effectively. Experts say that garbage disposals should be replaced every 7-10 years or when you purchase a new dishwasher. To learn about new disposals on the market, and what would work best for you, visit an Appliance Factory Outlet store at any of the 10 locations. A product specialist would be happy to assist you in your hunt of a disposal.

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