Cooking Appliance Options to Keep in Mind When Shopping

At this time of year you may find yourself spending a lot of time in the kitchen, and you may find yourself questioning the capabilities of your cooking appliances. If after all your frustration you decide it’s time for a kitchen revamp, keep the following range options in mind as you shop.

 GE True Temp-

The GE True Temp monitors and maintains the oven’s temperature. The true temp system has a platinum tipped oven sensor that senses heat loss and responds by warming with the heat element. Unlike other oven temperature controls, the True Temp system checks the oven’s heat every 2-3 minutes. Other ovens cycle every 7 minutes. GE goes into detail on their True Temp system in their info base.


A convection oven cooks your food 25% faster than a conventional oven by blowing hot air around the oven with a fan. It also cooks food evenly by eliminating hot and cold spots in your oven. Watch the video below to see the difference between a convection and conventional oven.


An induction stove uses magnetic energy in the stovetop coils to generate electromagnetic fields that cause your steel cookware to warm up. The only thing that gets hot when you use induction is the cookware. Induction cookware offers several benefits including saving energy which is environmentally friendly and saves money, provides safety by only heating the cookware, quickly change between temperatures and cooks twice as fast.

Appliance Factory Parts Donates Parts for Those in Need


 Appliance Factory Parts Donates Parts for Those in Need

28 Dec 2010

 Appliance Factory Parts, inside Appliance Factory Outlet, is looking for non-profit organizations to collaborate with to donate appliance parts to those in need. The company has committed to donating $2000 of parts to individuals in need who are unable to afford the parts to fix their appliances.

 “We help appliance owners do it themselves,” said CEO Chuck Ewing, quoting the company’s motto. The company prides itself on being a great resource for do-it-yourself consumers and those who don’t want to bother with the cost of having a repairman to fix the appliance, whether they are looking for cosmetic or mechanical parts.

 What makes Appliance Factory Parts unique is that they carry all parts for all brands, have 10 locations across the Front Range and their highly-rated customer service.

 “We provide quality information to individuals who are working on their appliances themselves,” said Ewing. This means the company not only provides the right part, but they also provide information on how to replace that part.

 The donation drive comes at a time when consumers are most strapped for cash—the holiday season. Since the 1950s, consumers have reveled in the joy of home appliances and our daily lives have come to depend on their working properly. A broken appliance can not only be a major inconvenience but can even halt daily life for busy families that rely on their appliances to work properly. Appliance Factory Outlet would like to help those who need parts for their appliances, and is looking for non-profit organizations that can put them in touch with those individuals.

 Appliance Factory Parts offers appliance owners an affordable opportunity to fix their appliances themselves. The company provides parts for all major appliances, with service across Colorado including six locations in Denver, as well as in Longmont, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins. To collaborate with Appliance Factory Parts on their donation drive, please contact their corporate office at 303-782-5100 or email


Chuck Ewing, CEO Appliance Factory Outlet

Black-Eyed Peas Recipe for New Years’

I was raised in the South where we ate food like grits and collard greens. In Colorado I’ve found it’s something most people turn their heads at—but I’ve decided to share a Southern tradition with ya’ll (see what I did there?).. It’s almost the New Year and it’s time to get out that can of black-eyed peas that’s been sitting in your pantry for 4 months.

The history of eating black-eyed peas for New Years day dates back to the Civil War, as fields and crops of black-eyed peas were ignored when the North invaded and destroyed or stole other crops. Since black-eyed peas were all that were left, it was all the surviving Southerners could eat to nourish themselves.

Black-eyed peas are supposed to be the first thing you eat on the new year, so it’s best to serve right after midnight or eat them for breakfast the next day. It’s believed that doing so brings prosperity and good luck by Southern folklore. Some folks even say you have to eat at least 365 black-eyed peas so you can have prosperity for each day of the year.

 I always hated the tradition growing up because black-eyed peas on their own are just not that good. For this New Year, I found a delicious down-home recipe to spice these suckers up, that way I can bring in the year in old-fashioned, but delicious, Southern style.

This is our last recipe post for the year, so hopefully it’s one you’ll enjoy!


Hoppin' John: Black Eyed Peas for the New Year. Click to enlarge, then print.


Recipe adapted from Recipe Card design by L.

Great Values on Appliances Prevail for Consumers Week After Christmas


 Black Friday Prices and Better on Appliances for Week after Christmas

24 Dec 2010

DENVER, CO– Although consumer purchasing increases greatly right after Christmas, some Colorado retailers are hesitating on dropping prices for consumers. Despite this, few people realize that the week after the holiday is the largest shopping period for appliances, and when some of the best values and biggest sales happen in that industry.

 “This is the number one time for consumers to buy appliances,” said Chuck Ewing, CEO of Appliance Factory Outlet, a local retailer with 11 locations throughout Colorado, including Denver, the Front Range, Colorado Springs, and Grand Junction.

 “Consumers return the luxuries they don’t need and buy the necessities they do need,” said Ewing. In addition, many scrimp and save during the holidays, and once they’ve gotten through Christmas, they’ll take the extra money they have and buy something that they do need, he said.

 “It’s an ideal time for them to shop, fix up their kitchen, and buy appliances for the New Year,” he said.

 Given the increasing demand for appliances, manufacturers and retailers are in tremendous competition for customers, which creates immense value for the consumers during this time of year.

 Appliance Factory Outlet is running a 50 percent-off sale, bring back Black Friday pricing for the week after Christmas. Just like Black Friday, this is the best time for consumers to take advantage of the low prices retailers are offering, and for consumers that are looking to buy but missed out on Black Friday deals.


Chuck Ewing, CEO Appliance Factory Outlet

I Love Pie! Easy Pie Recipes

I love pie so much. It’s a classic. Pumpkin pie, mince meat pie, anything can go in a pie. That’s what makes this amazing dish so versatile.. and delicious. 

To celebrate our second-to-last recipe post for the holiday season, I whipped up a batch of great pie recipe cards just for you. (See what I did there?) I know I love them. 

Hopefully you love these pie recipes as much as I do! They all involve as little work as possible so you can serve and eat that delicious pie sooner than later. 

Did I mention that I love pie? 

Click to enlarge, then print.


Click to enlarge, then print.


Click to enlarge, then print.


Recipes adapted from Recipe card design by L

Winner of the Bumper Magnet Poll

The winner of the bumper magnet poll was the small 2×5″ magnet with the yellow face!

The winner with 7 whole votes!


The runner up was the traditional bumper-sticker style magnet, also with the yellow face. Looks like folks just love that sunny disposition. This one was the runner with 4 total votes.

The runner up for the contest


There were only 2 total votes for any magnets with the orange face.

Thanks to all for participating! We had about 200 page views on Friday alone and 16 total respondents to the blog. We love your feedback! We’re going to take these two winning designs to the man in charge and go from there on printing. We’ll keep you updated, and hopefully you’ll be putting these sweet bumper magnets on your car soon!

Until we meet again,

Appliance Factory Outlet Marketing Team

Which Appliance Factory Outlet Bumper Magnet Would YOU Pick?

Hi, folks! Here in the marketing department we’re trying to decide on which smiley face looks better for our new bumper magnets (you know.. like a sticker.. but without the sticky).

We figured we’d ask you since you are what keeps us going as a company!

You’ve got two different smiley faces to choose from, and three different sizes. The options are below.

Which size and smiley face would you put on YOUR car?  :)

A. Large 5x8 with ORANGE face. Click to see full size.

B. Large 5x8 with YELLOW Face. Click for full size.

C. The SMALL 2x5 with the Orange face (way smaller than the first one!)

D. The SMALL 2x5 with the YELLOW face (again, smaller than the original!)

E. The horizontal 2.5x8 with the ORANGE face (like a traditional bumper sticker)

F. The horizontal 2.5x8 with the YELLOW face (like a traditional bumper sticker).


Christmas Eve Delivery Available for Gift of Appliances


17 December 2010 

Christmas Eve Delivery Available for Gift of Appliances 

DENVER, CO—It’s Christmas Eve, and there’s a giant French-door refrigerator next to the tree. Appliances are becoming one of the new gift items that are being given this holiday season. Imagine: the wife comes downstairs, and the refrigerator has been unboxed, polished up, and even gift-wrapped with a giant red bow.

 Appliance sales are trending upwards, according to forecasts by IBM and other trend-watching organizations. Appliance Factory Outlet demonstrated record Black Friday sales, and in order to help customers make their present one to remember, are guaranteeing customers Christmas Eve delivery, with special gift-wrapping options.

 “In order for Appliance Factory Outlet to fill the needs of our customers and really add to their Christmas, we are getting all hands on board to deliver appliances for Christmas Eve to make it a special present for the consumers,” said Chuck Ewing, CEO.

The company says they are pulling out all the stops to do Christmas Eve delivery. Appliance Factory Outlet plans to put bows on the appliances, wrap them, and offer special installation packages to provide that special Christmas for their customers in Colorado.

 Christmas Eve delivery is available for customers from all ten Appliance Factory Outlet locations throughout Colorado, including Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and seven locations in Denver.

 The increase in sales has been a result of the consumer’s desire to update the modern home. Induction cooking has gained recent popularity, as has re-doing the kitchen and other areas of the home. People are spending more time in the kitchen as the central room of the house and also focusing more on the décor of the laundry room.



Chuck Ewing
CEO, Appliance Factory Outlet

Giving Cookies and Scrumdiddlyumptious Desserts as Gifts

Stumped on a gift idea for that friend of yours?

Try baking them up a batch of these easy recipes (one recipe doesn’t even require cooking ;) ) and wrap them up in holiday coloured cellophane! It’s the thought that counts, and these make me think: “Delicious.”

Click to enlarge & print them out for your recipe card box!

GingerBread Waffles with Hot Chocolate Sauce-- yum, breakfast!

Cranberry Hootycreeks-- I don't know what a Hootycreek is, but I know that this gift idea is definitely scrumdiddlyumptious.

Sour Cream Cutouts– these adorable looking cuties stay soft and creamy, great for after dinner desserts!

Recipes adapted from Recipe card design by L. 

Induction Cooktop Technology: Hotness for the Holidays

Cooking Goes High Tech for the Holidays
Induction cooking. It sounds like a hot new technology, but the idea of induction heating has been around since the early 1950s. Up until recently induction cooktops were expensive and generally only available for commercial use. Appliance Factory Outlet CEO Chuck Ewing said that it’s one of the hottest home kitchen appliances for this holiday season – economical for the every-day consumer and more convenient for holiday cooking. 

Better Cooking Technology
Appliance Manufacturer Samsung introduced an induction range that offers high-quality technology for an affordable price, giving consumers the opportunity to experience induction cooking.

 The induction cooktop boasts rapid cooking time because the cooking energy comes from a magnetic field. The cookware gets hot, not the cooktop surface. Over 93 percent of the energy used goes towards cooking the food, which is far more efficient than both gas and electric.

 This makes the induction cooktop a fitting appliance for households with children, those who are concerned with their energy usage, or those that value convenience and fast cooking times.

 Magnetic Cookware Needed
The only drawback is that the cookware used has to be made of the right metals. If the pan is aluminum or copper-based, they won’t heat up. “The best way to test for this is to see if a magnet sticks to the bottom of your pan”, said Ewing. If it does, it works for induction cooking.

 Portable Induction Cooktop
For consumers that can’t quite afford the price of a full induction cooktop range but still want to delight the chef in their family, Appliance Factory Outlet offers a portable induction cooktop by Frigidaire for less than $100, which comes with cookware.

A Low Budget Christmas

From one empty wallet to another, here are some ideas for Christmas:

• The dollar store has lots of goodies for those on tight budgets. Be sure to pick up the following: glitter glue, stockings, Christmas cards, candy canes, pipe cleaners if they have them, googly eyes, ribbon, garland, posters, and colored cotton balls.

• Make Christmas crafts to decorate your home. Get out that poster from the dollar store and draw some shapes then add glitter glue. Then cut out and place around the home.

• Decorate your stockings with glitter glue. Be sure to write your name at the top of the stockings!

• One cheap yet fun little gift is the reindeer candy cane. Wrap the curve of the candy cane with the pipe cleaner for antlers then add googly eyes and a red cotton ball nose. These make nice additions to Christmas cards for friends and family you can’t afford a present for.

• Try decorating your tree with things you already have- String popcorn, hang cut out paper snowflakes, hang old small toys the kids don’t use anymore like toy cars.

• Buy cheap candles then decorate the glass with the glitter glue or paint pens.

• Have friends and family come over to get in on the fun of making Christmas crafts.

• Make home-made cookies as gifts.

• Everyone in your family on a tight budget? Try drawing each other’s names rather than getting everyone in your family a gift.

Holiday Gift Buying Guide: 11 Tips for Buying Appliances as Christmas Gifts

Before You Buy

There are no standards for appliance space sizes, counter depth or height, etc. Measure the space for your appliance with a measuring tape—do not measure the appliance you are replacing. Write down the dimensions and bring them with you.

Also—measure the width of your doorways/staircases if you are bringing the appliance in through them. Doors can usually be removed to fit in appliances, but alas, doorjambs and stairways and cannot be widened to fit your large appliances.

This seems easy if you’re buying a range but you should make sure you know if your hookup is electric or gas if you are buying a dryer or an oven (some are dual fuel!)


Side by Side & French Door Refrigerators open from both sides, so there's not too much worry about hinges unless you're buying a traditional top mount or other types of appliances. Photo credit: Alex Muse

If hinges open on the wrong side for you, you may have to get them switched around. Our delivery/installation team can do this for a small additional fee.

Does the person you are buying this gift for know what he or she wants? Can you get an idea of what they are looking for without ruining the surprise? Knowing what you are looking for will cut down on shopping time which means you spend less time out there during the crazy holiday shopping season. There are a lot of features and options to consider when looking for a new appliance, so keep that in mind.

The Day of the Sale

If you’re picking up this appliance, you may have to pick it up from our warehouse. You can also have it delivered before or after Christmas. We offer same day delivery on in-stock merchandise purchased before noon, except for on Sundays. Some other exclusions may apply, so be sure to call up your local store for more details. Right now we’re adding some extra sweetness to our delivery deals by offering Red Bow Delivery and Red Bow Deluxe Delivery for those who want to give their gifts with a little extra pizzazz.

Get your appliance delivered, detailed, deluxed, polished up & presented with a deluxe red bow with our Red Bow Deluxe Delivery Service.


Our Red Bow Deluxe Delivery includes hooking up the appliance and installing it in your home for you. If you decide to install it yourself, make sure that you have all the necessary accessories for the appliance (power cords, hoses, etc). Make sure to ask your salesman if you’re not sure whether you have everything you need to install it.

After the Sale

Our deliveries are done within a 2 hour window. You should get a call the day before your scheduled delivery.

If your appliance is an Energy Star appliance, you could apply for more savings through Recharge Colorado. Once you’ve received your appliance, you can fill out the required forms on Recharge Colorado’s Cash for Clunkers rebate program and save even more money. Keep in mind that not all appliances qualify, though, and that the forms DO expire, so it’s best to fill them out & return them as soon as possible.

Knowing how your new appliance works will help you utilize all those great features!

Avaiable at your local Appliance Factory Outlet.

Aside from the hoses and cords you might need, you’ll also want to look into items like rinse-aid for your new dishwasher, and stainless steel or ceramic cleaner to keep your cooktops & surfaces looking bright and shiny. Refrigerator water filters also need to be replaced every 6 months to a year depending on your model (remember the manual!).

Check out our blog for great recipes to test out on your new range or oven! We also cover details of the Recharge Colorado Rebate Program to help you get situated,and give you advice on preventative care & how to’s for your appliance.

Happy Shopping!

IBM, Retailers say Appliance Sales on the Rise for Holiday Gifts


 IBM, Retailers say Appliance Sales on the Rise for Holiday Gifts

10 December 2010

DENVER, CO—Consumers will be spending more on appliances this holiday season, according to an analytics-based forecast made by technology giant IBM earlier this year. IBM expects a four percent increase in appliance sales for the month of December this year compared to 2009. IBM says that the data is based on 19 years of previous historical analysis using software the company developed to analyze long-term trends.

 Consumers are looking to update the modern household and appliances are becoming a hot fashion trend with new front load laundry machines in designer colors and stainless steel kitchen set, including French-door refrigerators and two-oven ranges. These trends may be pushing the appliance sales increase forecasted by IBM.

“The price of stainless has come down and it’s much more affordable and reasonable,” said Chuck Ewing, CEO of Appliance Factory Outlet.

 Disposable income is on the rise, according to a report by the U.S. Commerce Dept, and discount retailers like Appliance Factory Outlet are able to offer consumers & gift-givers new home styles without compromising affordability.

 Ewing said that the hottest items this holiday season are for the laundry room and the kitchen.

 “The laundry room is becoming the new décor area of the home,” said Ewing. “And French door refrigerators are highly sought after because they offer so much space and high-quality features.”

 Demand was strong for luxury appliances during Black Friday sales and forecasters say this demand will continue through December. Appliance Factory Outlet reported an increase of almost 40 percent over last year’s sales for their Black Friday event. Ewing expects his Christmas sales to follow the same trend.



Appliance Factory Outlet Corporate Office