A Low Budget Christmas

From one empty wallet to another, here are some ideas for Christmas:

• The dollar store has lots of goodies for those on tight budgets. Be sure to pick up the following: glitter glue, stockings, Christmas cards, candy canes, pipe cleaners if they have them, googly eyes, ribbon, garland, posters, and colored cotton balls.

• Make Christmas crafts to decorate your home. Get out that poster from the dollar store and draw some shapes then add glitter glue. Then cut out and place around the home.

• Decorate your stockings with glitter glue. Be sure to write your name at the top of the stockings!

• One cheap yet fun little gift is the reindeer candy cane. Wrap the curve of the candy cane with the pipe cleaner for antlers then add googly eyes and a red cotton ball nose. These make nice additions to Christmas cards for friends and family you can’t afford a present for.

• Try decorating your tree with things you already have- String popcorn, hang cut out paper snowflakes, hang old small toys the kids don’t use anymore like toy cars.

• Buy cheap candles then decorate the glass with the glitter glue or paint pens.

• Have friends and family come over to get in on the fun of making Christmas crafts.

• Make home-made cookies as gifts.

• Everyone in your family on a tight budget? Try drawing each other’s names rather than getting everyone in your family a gift.

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