Kitchen Appliance Measurements

One of the most overlooked steps in buying an appliance is getting the right measurements. Not all kitchen appliance brands have standard measurements, so getting your kitchen’s specific space requirements should be one of the first steps you take when deciding on a good investment. Some important factors to consider:

  • Keep appliances size-appropriate. Large-capacity models in small kitchens lack visual appeal and practicality.
  • Measure your home’s entry ways so you can be sure you’ll be able to get your new appliance inside the house.
  • Remember to take measurements of width, height and depth of where your appliance will sit.
  • Be aware of the space an appliance will need to open and close.

This is what a counter depth fridge looks like. Photo from


Refrigerators are the most important to measure because there are many varieties and no set standard size.

  • French Door or Side-by-Side refrigerators: Consider measuring these units with the doors closed and opened to allow enough counter space and floor space for free use.
  • Top Mount Refrigerators: If you buy from an appliance specialty store like Appliance Factory Outlet, a delivery/installation team will switch the direction the door opens if the refrigerator allows for it.
  • Some refrigerator brands like Samsung use thinner insulation allowing for more inside space without sacrificing size on the outside.

Ranges should be as tall or a little taller than your counter tops.Ranges

Ovens and Ranges

  • The average standard size is 30″ wide, 36″ high and 25″ deep.
  • Double check the height if you want the range to be flush with your counter tops (pictured left).
  • For wall ovens:  Check temperature ratings of your cabinetry to make sure the materials will withstand the heat emitted from the oven. 
  • For over-the-range microwaves: Width should match the range. A trim kit, which gives these types of microwaves that “built-in” look, are required.


  • The average standard size is 24” wide by around 36” tall by 25” deep.
  • These dimensions are not set in stone. Most dishwashers have adjustable legs to fit to counter space.

Always double check the space of where the appliance is going before buying. Size matters!

If your kitchen or home does need some remodeling to fit your new appliance, Appliance Factory Outlet recommends BrandSource Handyman & Remodeling Contractors, with service available throughout the Front Range. They do kitchen remodeling, custom cabinets and countertops, tile and stone, flooring, and more.

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