Denver Water Rebates are Being Reduced March 16, 2011


Save Water, Save Cashola.

Did you make a commitment to become more energy efficient for the New Year? It’s almost the end of February now, so hopefully you’re still going strong on those resolutions. If you haven’t done anything yet to save more energy, you may want to start now before it’s too late.  

Denver residents can qualify for water rebates from Denver Water by replacing water-hogging household items like toilets or clothes washers. Ordinary clothes washers can use up to 38 gallons of water per load of laundry—energy efficient models, such as Frigidaire and Electrolux washers—will use less than 3 gallons of water per cubic ft of the laundry load. That means Frigidaire’s Affinity series, with its large 4.4 cu ft. capacity, uses less than 13 gallons of water for a maximum sized load of laundry. Frigidaire ranks in the top 5 of most energy efficient clothes washers, according to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency.  

Currently, Appliance Factory Outlet can offer consumers rebates on clothes washers for $150 in conjunction with other rebates—however, these rebates are being reduced March 16, 2011, to $100—so you may want to come in sooner than later if you’re thinking about upgrading your clothes washer to one that is more energy efficient. Not all clothes washers qualify for this rebate, so make sure that the appliance you’re purchasing qualifies. 

 Our sales associates are energy rebate experts. For more information on energy and water rebates for the Denver, Colorado Springs, or Northern Colorado area, visit your local Appliance Factory Outlet and one of our sales associates will be more than pleased to help you save as much as you can on your new purchase.

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