Spring Cleaning: 6 Organizing Ideas for Laundry Rooms

Your laundry room isn’t just the last-resort location for the family cat litter. Organization is key — the more organized your laundry room, perhaps the less you’ll loathe spending time there every weekend.

Organizing your laundry room can allow you to re-purpose it into an office space.

But where to begin on organizing a space you hate using?

To really give your laundry room the deep clean, check our other post on cleaning out your washer and dryer.

1. Make a stray sock basket

It seems like missing socks are relegated to an alternate universe where they’ll never return. In hopes that they do turn up, keep a basket for their other halves. They’ll be back… some day.

2. Caddy the cleaning supplies

Buy a trendy caddy to store your stain arsenal: cleaning sprays, stain-treating pens, dryer sheets and other laundry accessories. Caddies are portable and they tend to keep all of those funny-shaped bottles in their place.

3. Make use of vertical space

Modular storage solutions, like the ones shown in the photo, come prefabricated to fit most rooms.

  • Save energy while you save space by hanging up a clothesline.
  • Use stackable shelves for laundry supplies, extra towels and sheets and other laundry incidentals.
  • Try modular storage, shown in the photo above. Most of these storage solutions come prefabricated and work well in most rooms.

4. Designate Dirty Laundry Space

After all, dirty laundry is the sole reason why you have this space. Invest in a laundry hamper designed to help you presort laundry. If there’s room, get a table for folding clothes (if there isn’t room, get a folding table — get it?) These items will help save time and make your laundry room more functional.

5. Designate Pet Space

Your laundry room is the perfect traffic-free area for your pet’s bed, kennel, litter and supplies. If you took advantage of your vertical space as mentioned above, you’ll have plenty of space to do this.

6. Sort your seasonal and all-season clothes.

After sorting, get rid of anything you don’t need anymore (like a glove without its matching friend or a scarf you haven’t worn in years but keep stuffing it into the closet because one day, you might wear it again, except it doesn’t match anything you own). Next, contain all those seasonal clothes in either fancy labeled baskets or some kind of tupperware. At least now when you stuff those scarves and gloves into a closet, it’ll look organized. It’d be good to keep containers like this in places where your family normally takes them off after coming in doors (like a fancy wooden bowl in the foyer for sunglasses or gloves).

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: 6 Organizing Ideas for Laundry Rooms

  1. I have noticed this in my friends laundry room that they have winter and summer clothes both for wasing . It is important to sort out the clothes and use the once which are in everyday use.

  2. I have never understood stray sock baskets. My wife insists that I wear matching socks but I don’t get it. If two socks fit, why not wear them? No one ever sees them and I’m not a fashion queen so can’t I save myself the time it takes to sort my socks and just throw the first two on that I grab from my drawer? Besides that, this is an awesome spring cleaning list that I hope I never have to do! haha ;)