Spring Cleaning: Four Easy Tips for Cleaning your Dishwasher

 This is the first article in a series that we’ll be doing to celebrate the coming of Spring: Spring Cleaning for your Appliances!

Appliances need spring cleaning love, too, and cleaning an appliance thoroughly can extend its lifetime significantly.  Spending a small amount of time cleaning the gunk and goo out of your appliance could save you massive amounts of cash in the long run.

Aggh! My arms are too short!

 This week’s article is about cleaning out your dishwasher. Since most people don’t properly rinse their dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, this appliance can get clogged by food. You’ve seen when old dishwashers don’t clean properly: bits of food stuck to the underside of your dishes and inside your glasses even after the wash cycle is over. It might be that all you have to do is clean it.

Before you do anything, cut the circuit breaker to the dishwasher so that there’s no power going to it… just in case.

1. So first things first, remove the dishwasher racks. Get inside that dishwasher and inspect the corners inside it. Check the gasket (the plastic door seal) for cracks and food build-up. Clean with a sponge and a brush with plastic bristles, like a toothbrush. Don’t use a metal brush because it will damage the plastic.

2. Second, remove the spray arms off the base of the machine and clean those using soap and hot water. You can search for the user manual online to find proper instructions for dismantling the spray arms and other parts.

3. Third, find the filter basket and remove and empty it if your dishwasher has one. Again, the manual will tell you where this is. This basket can fill up with old food bits. Then, gently remove the filter and clean.

Next, carefully slide your hand into the filter hole to ensure there is no extra debris or broken glass. BE CAREFUL, glass shards are invisible in water.. so you might want to wear rubber gloves for that one.

4. Fourth, reassemble all the pieces, then fill up a cup with white vinegar and put it in the top rack and run a hot cycle to ensure that the whole thing gets clean. White vinegar is an earth-friendly wonder-cleaner as it cuts through grime, gets rid of mold and nasty smells.

And voila, your dishwasher is clean for spring. Come back next week for more spring cleaning tips for your other appliances.

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