Check Out Our New Digs in Parker, Colorado

We just opened our new store in Parker a few weeks ago. It’s off the intersection of South Parker Road and East Lincoln Avenue. What do you think? 

We did a little research on our neighborhood, and discovered some interesting facts. For instance, did you know:

  • The town was founded 150 years ago, when then state legislator Alfred Butters established the Pine Grove Post Office.
  • Parker is named after James Sample Parker, who granted rights of way for roads, ditches, telephone and railroad lines.
  • When it was incorporated in 1981, the Town of Parker had just 300 people. It’s since grown to 45,000!


We love Denver, but small town charm is what makes this state a great place to live. There are breathtaking views no matter where you are in Colorado. Here’s a cool shot of a beautiful backyard sunset in Parker, found on one of the boards we follow on Pinterest:

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