Hot, Sleepless Nights

Colorado summers are sunny, but they get hot! Trying to sleep in a hot room can be tough. According to research from the National Sleep Foundation, it takes longer to fall asleep and stay asleep in hot temperatures. Some of us choose not to use air conditioning due to cost or environmental concerns. Here are some tips on how to cool off your room without A/C:

  • Heat rises, so try changing locations if you typically sleep in the top floor of a multiple-story home.
  • Be MacGuyver: Freeze a milk jug of water and sit it in front of a regular fan. A pan of ice cubes works too.
  • Take a cool shower before heading to bed. A hot shower may increase the humidity in your space, which could make the temperature feel hotter.
  • Drink lots of fluids during the day. Staying hydrated, especially in dry Colorado weather, keeps your body cooler while sleeping.
  • Sleep outside. If it’s safe and there aren’t too many bugs flying around, sleeping outside feels like camping, only with easier access to a bathroom.
  • Rethink your bedding. Yeah, it’s the more expensive route but changing your sheets to lighter fabrics like cotton or linen allows your skin to breathe more in the face of a heatwave. Also, some mattresses like Serta’s iComfort and Perfect Sleeper models, are built to keep the body cooler. Stop in and test one out at any of our 12 locations.


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