Rist Canyon Fire Department Fundraiser

Hard work is vital to every community, especially when natural disaster strikes. When we heard that the first firefighters on the scene of the High Park Fire were community volunteers, we couldn’t imagine a harder job. The men and women of the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department continued to fight despite the loss of their own homes and one of their important fire stations. Read more about the Rist Canyon firefighters on 9News.

Helping our neighbors rebuild will take a lot of hard work, but we’ve been led by example by a group of folks who’ve displayed a lot of courage this past month. To show our appreciation for our community in Northern Colorado, Appliance Factory Outlet & Mattresses in Fort Collins has pledged to donate 5 percent of profits from the week of July 1–7 to the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department. You can also make your own contribution here.

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