Top 10 Most Wanted Food Pantry Items

We’re in the middle of our annual Christmas in July Food Drive, which runs from now until July 28. Your donations benefit Denver hunger relief organization Metro CareRing, one of the largest food pantries in Denver.

The Christmas in July food collection box in our corporate office is already overflowing, thanks to our fantastic employees!

Here are the top 10 items requested by Metro CareRing’s patrons:
1. Hearty Soup (Meat or Vegetarian)
2. Canned Tuna
3. Canned Cooked Beans (pinto, black, refried)
4. Peanut Butter
5. Canned Mixed Vegetables
6. Canned Fruit
7. Canned Tomatoes
8. Whole grain pasta and mac & cheese
9. Pasta Sauce
10. Diapers

When you’re cleaning out your pantry this weekend, consider recycling your unwanted nonperishable food items by dropping them off at any of our 12 stores. If you decide to purchase something that day, give one of our sales team members a heads-up and you’ll get an extra $10 off your purchase on the spot.

Look for these food cans around your local Appliance Factory Outlet store.

It’s summer time, so many of your donations will go to kids who don’t receive a subsidized lunch from school (about half of Metro CareRing’s patrons are under 18). Most of these kids come from working families who earn an income but need a leg-up for self-sufficiency.

In addition to providing a food pantry to its community in downtown Denver, Metro CareRing also provides utility assistance, ID documentation and bus tokens to individuals for employment purposes, medical and social service appointments.

As a local business that strives to make quality home appliances more affordable, easy access to food in Colorado is a cause we at Appliance Factory Outlet & Mattresses care about deeply. If you or someone you know needs food assistance or other services, contact Metro CareRing at 303-860-7200 or visit them here.

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