Is Your Dryer Lint a Fire Hazard? Save Your Home with Dryer Maintenance

Catastrophes that could put your home in danger don’t typically involve your laundry room. But your dryer is surprisingly as much of a fire hazard as the flammable items in your garage.

Your dryer isn’t too different from your home’s heating system, when you think about it. It blows air, it needs a filter for dust and lint and it’s got a vent. Like your heating system, all of those components need regular maintenance to prevent potential fires.

One of the most common causes of dryer fires is a lack of maintenance. Below are some recommended steps to take to keep your laundry area safe:

Clean your dryer’s lint screen before and after each use. This is a no-brainer. If you don’t already do this, However, you should also…

Wash your lint screen every six months. Dryer sheets often leave a slight build up on lint screens, making them less effective. Washing the lint screen with soap and hot water every few months will make your dryer more efficient and last longer.

Clean your dryer duct. Have you ever thrown a load of clothes in the dryer for an hour, only to find they’re still as damp as before, only warmer? Chances are your dryer duct hasn’t been cleaned in a while, which means Here’s a good guide on how to clean your dryer duct yourself.

Clean the outside of your dryer and the area around it. A clean area around your dryer will help keep the ventilation cleaner longer.

Use a flap vent that only opens when the dryer is in use. Even mesh and grate vents will attract birds and other animals.

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