Colorado Gardening Tips

In Colorado, we never know what kind of weather we’ll get in March. One day it’s 75 degrees and sunny, the next day it’s snowing 10 inches. Our crazy weather makes gardening plans a littletrickier than in most areas, but we’re Coloradans so we’re used to adapting to crazy weather patterns!

Below are some gardening tips that will help your family’s garden get an early head-start:

  • Get in “the zone.” Make sure you know your garden’s hardiness zone before you order your seeds. Colorado is generally in Zone 5, except for the mountains, which are largely in Zone 4.
  • Order your seeds. The best part of having a garden besides the harvest is flipping through seed catalogs! March is the perfect time to start ordering your heirloom seeds so they’re shipped in time for planting. For herbs that are harder to grow from seed, purchase young plants from your local garden center.
  • Plant or prune trees and shrubs. If your garden includes trees, now is the perfect time to plant them.
  • Save containers for seedlings. Use peat pots or recyclables to sprout your seedlings. Recyclables can include egg cartons, Styrofoam coffee cups, milk cartons, cans, or any other old container that can be rinsed with hot water.
  • Start planting summer bulbs.
  • Set up your composting area.
  • Prepare your soil. This is easiest if you know your gardening zone. If you live in Colorado Springs, make sure your soil is properly aerated so your plants get enough oxygen.
  • Ready your gardening tools and stock up on new ones.

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