Washing a Comforter at Home

Bulkier items like comforters can be washed at home easily with the right washer capacity.

Remember when Mom would make a trip to the laundromat and stuff all of the bedding in the house in one of those super-capacity machines? Today’s laundry sets now make it possible to wash bulky comforters at home, thanks to larger capacity and better water efficiency. But with so many of these new models, choosing one that’s right for your home can be difficult. Find answers to your questions

Your comforter should fit snugly without overflowing.

Q: What capacity washer do I need for a king-size comforter?
It’s possible to wash a king-size comforter at home with the right-sized washer capacity.  A washer needs a minimum of 3.7 cu. ft. capacity (enough room to fit roughly 11–14 lbs.) to properly clean a king comforter.

TIP: If you aren’t sure whether your comforter will fit in your current washing machine, test it out first. If it fits without overflowing and doesn’t require cramming, you’re good!

Q: What capacity dryer do I need for a king-size comforter?
A king-size comforter at full volume can fit in a 7 cu. ft. capacity dryer. Check your comforter’s care instructions for drying instructions, as some fabrics are more delicate and require special care.

Q: What is the largest-size washing machine and dryer?
One of the largest washing machines on the market is the LG WM8000HVA, which boast a whopping 5.1 cu. ft. capacity. These “mega” capacity washers and dryers not only hold a king-size comforter and a full bedding set, but their performance recently got high marks from a leading consumer magazine. Check it out (and find out how you can win a set of your own!):

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