How to Get a Foul Smell Out of a Refrigerator

Smelly refrigerators are the worst. They’re not only a pain, but they’re also dangerous. Typically, odors in our refrigerators tell us some of our food is spoiled. Sometimes these smells can even seep into our fresh vegetables and contaminate them.

In this post, we’ll show you how to get foul smells out of your refrigerator.

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How to Get a Foul Smell Out of a Refrigerator

  1. Clean! Remove all items from the refrigerator. Check expiration dates and and throw away any spoiled food.
  2. Get thorough. Take any removable refrigerator drawers and shelves to soak and wash separately with hot water and soap. Then wash the interior of your refrigerator with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water. This solution works better than soap because it doesn’t leave any strange-tasting residues.
  3. Clean some more! Wipe down all surfaces inside the refrigerator including any remaining shelves and racks along the doors.
  4. Organize. Organizing your food makes it easier to see, and harder to forget about—so no more spoiling!

Organize your favorite foods at eye-level so nothing goes to waste.

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