Get Ready For The First Energy Efficient Dryer!

You’ve seen and heard about HE washers; shoot, you probably have one! But Whirlpool has gone above and beyond to create the first HE dryer.

What does it mean for a dryer to be Energy Star-qualified? To be considered energy efficient, these HE dryers need to use approximately 20% less energy on average than dryers that meet the federal minimum efficiency standards for 2015. Dryers have been adapted to this by including advanced moisture sensors which prevents over drying and is easier on your fabrics. HE dryers are also advanced because of the Ecoboost setting which improves the method for turning the heaters on and off during the cycle depending on the load. This is where you can save most of your dryer’s energy!

Great it saves energy, but “How much money does it save?” is what you really want to know. Energy Star says to expect to save about $18 a year in electricity costs. Over 12 years, that’s more than $200 – it doesn’t seem like a lot but consider saving that amount of money on top of saving the life of your clothes. The Whirlpool Duet WED87HED electric dryer is the ‘ying’ to your HE washer’s ‘yang’ – it may not seem like you’re saving much now but using these high efficiency laundry sets  not only save you money in the long run but can take better care of your clothes and in turn, take better care of your wallet.

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