Which Refrigerator is Right for You?

Is your refrigerator running? If not, it might be time to think about which new model best suits your needs. Refrigerators are one of those appliances we really don’t think too much about as long as they’re in working order, but they are among the most important appliances in our homes. In terms of storage capacity, style and functionality, no two refrigerators are created equal. Use the guide below to find out what kind of fridge model is right for you.

Top-freezer- This is the standard model one thinks of when asked to picture a refrigerator, with its large main refrigerator compartment on the bottom and the freezer stacked on top. With reversible doors that swing right or left depending on how you attach them, this model is ideal for small, tight spaces in apartments and condos.

Bottom-freezer- Similar in every way to a top-freezer model except, unsurprisingly, given its name, this model has the freezer portion on the bottom while the main refrigerator portion remains at eye level. In terms of space and capacity, it is on par with the top-freezer fridges, but may prove more convenient for shorter people, or for those who have difficulty reaching up.

Side-by-Side- In this model, the equally-sized freezer and refrigerator compartments run vertically alongside one another from the top to the bottom of the unit. In a galley-style kitchen or another type of kitchen with limited space, the side-by-side is a good choice, as it takes up the least amount of space when its doors are open. However, the storage capacity may sometimes not be as great as a top or bottom-freezer model.

French door with bottom freezer- French doors open up to reveal a large top compartment for the fridge, while the freezer is accessed with a drawer at the bottom. This style of fridge is nice for accessing all of the fresh-food compartments more easily than the traditional crisper drawers on the bottom of a more basic unit.

4-door French door- Similar in style to the basic French door model, a very nice feature in this style of refrigerator is the additional fridge space provided in a second pull-out drawer between the fridge doors and the freezer drawer at the bottom.  Good for large families who require extra fridge space.

Door-in-Door- Another French door-style refrigerator, this model has another set of doors beneath the outer doors, which saves energy by only requiring the user to open one panel to access the most frequently used items, keeping the rest of the fridge consistently cold and not letting in any outside air.

Counter-depth- This refrigerator model sits flush with the countertops and cabinets, creating a streamlined look and maximizing space. Counter-depth refrigerator models give the appearance of being built-in.

Compact- This is the little mini fridge you had in your dorm room. Perfect for basements, built-in wet bar areas and garages, a compact fridge is a nice way to keep a few drinks cold for guests in a room of the house that gets a lot of party traffic.

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