Save Time and Money with These Laundry Tips

We combed the Internet for the best tips, tricks and “life hacks” for doing laundry. These helpful hints will save you money, time and make your laundry look better than ever!


Unbutton All the Buttons!- Make sure you unbutton all of the buttons on a button-down shirt, to keep the buttonholes from stretching and tearing due to the agitation in the washing machine. Even the tiny buttons that hold down a collar should be unfastened prior to being tossed into the washer. (Source:


Two is Better Than One- Something as simple as putting two laundry baskets in your closet- one for whites and one for colors- can eliminate sorting from your laundry routine altogether! When you get undressed at night, just sort the clothes into each basket as you take them off. When laundry day rolls around, you’ll be glad you did. (Source:


Refresh Towels and Eliminate Odors- You know that “old towel smell” that towels and washcloths get over the course of time? Give your linens a second life and eliminate that mildew odor for good by washing a load of towels twice in hot water; first with vinegar, and the second with baking soda. (Source:


DIY Fabric Softener- Why buy fabric softener when you can make your own?- Next time you’re at the grocery store, skip the fabric softener and stock up instead white vinegar, that household staple that doubles as a super-efficient cleaning product. For a DIY fabric softener, add between ¼ cup and 1 cup vinegar to the final rinse cycle, but take care never to mix the vinegar with bleach. (Source:


Choose a Shorter Wash Cycle- There is no need to over-wash clothes. Choosing the shortest wash cycle and cranking up the water temperature is as effective at cleaning as a longer cycle with cooler water, and it will cut the time spent doing laundry dramatically. Similarly, run another spin cycle in the washer, which squeezes out excess water, thus reducing drying time. (Source:


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