Featured Article: Consumer Reports- 5 Must-Have Cooking Appliance Features

Consumer Reports published an informative article yesterday highlighting the 5 most desirable features for cooking appliances in a modern kitchen. You can read the whole article here, complete with product reviews of the appliances mentioned in the article, but the highlights include:

Front Controls- No more burning your forearm on a bubbling pot of pasta when trying to reach the controls on the back panel of your range! Now the controls are front and center in these sleek, smart new models. Ranges with this feature include the $1,600 Whirlpool WEE760H0DS.


Virtual Flames- Now you’re cooking with gas!…Or are you? The convenience of the induction-range cooktop has received a makeover from Samsung, whose NE58H9970WS model ($3,600) has added virtual LED flames to its electromagnetic cooktop field to give cooks the visual cues they relied upon when cooking on a gas or electric stovetop, so they can tell at a glance if the burner is hot.


Cooking Sensors- Those of us who aren’t exactly culinary wizards can use all the extra help we can get in the kitchen. The AutoChef sensor, exclusive to Bosch, claims to give cooks precise results every time by measuring the temperature of the bottom of a pan made out of a special type of aluminum, then heating the element with the exact amount of energy needed. The Bosch NETP066SUC, $1,200, takes the fear out of over- or under-cooking for novice chefs.


Hinged Cast Iron Grates- Cleaning up the kitchen after cooking a meal has got to be my least favorite part of the entire process. The worst part of all is trying to get the pools of liquid and tiny pieces of veggies out of the burners before the next time the stove is used. This sometimes daunting after-dinner task is about to get a lot easier, thanks to hinged gates at the back of gas cooktops from the new Whirlpool EZ-2-Lift line. All you have to do on models like the Whirlpool WCG97US0DS ($900) is lift up the entire grate and wipe your gas burners clean. It’s never been so easy!


French Doors- We are all familiar with the two side-by-side French doors that many refrigerators have, but what if your oven had them too? GE has answered that question by adding French doors to wall ovens like the GE Café CT9070SHSS. At the price point of $3,900, one may have to have a real disdain for traditional oven doors to invest in this model, but it does come with other impressive features, such as the ability to be controlled by smartphone. Sign me up!


What features do you wish you had in your Kitchen of the Future? Leave your ideas in the comments section below.

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