Beautiful and Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

This Thanksgiving, make sure your home is as warm and welcoming as the delicious feast you have prepared for your loved ones! We have scoured the Internet for the simplest yet most delightful ideas for making your home ready for the festive family gathering.

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Thanksgiving Message Board

Cut out leaves from construction paper in fall colors, and have dinner guests write one thing they are thankful for on each leaf, then tack it to a cork or linen bulletin board. (Bonus points for framing the message board to make it more decorative.) Not only is this meaningful craft a nice breaker for extended family and other dinner guests, but it can also serve as a keepsake each year.

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Festive Fall Tablescape
Source: HGTV

Use an assortment of pillar candles, foam pumpkins, beans, peas and lentils to make a gorgeous table display that honors the humble beginnings of the very first Thanksgiving. Follow this tutorial to wrap adhesive around your candles and pumpkins and then roll the objects in the assorted legumes for a centerpiece that is as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye.

Displaying centerpiece vases.jpg

Fall Hurricane Vases
Source: Amanda Jane Brown

Love the look of the seeds and beans but don’t have the time or artistic ability to pull it off? Fear not- a beautiful glass hurricane vase filled with layers of dried peas, beans and corn in contrasting colors is a lovely and understated way to pay tribute to the bounty of the season. Tie with a piece of jute for a rustic touch.

Displaying place cards.jpg

Precious Place Cards
Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Time to bust out those mini pumpkins and put them to good use at the dinner table! Attach a dinner guest’s name to each mini pumpkin with a pin, then place at the table. You can either hand-letter the little name cards, let one of your kids use their adorable handwriting to write the names, or print out the labels using your computer’s word-processing software. Not only will Aunt Shirley know where to sit, but the table will look adorable!

Displaying apple candles.jpg

Apple Candles
Source: BuzzFeed

Hollow out the core of a medium to large apple and replace with a tealight candle for a quick, aromatic and unique fall decoration that will delight and impress everyone at your gathering.

Do you have any fun and festive ideas for Thanksgiving décor? Please share in the comments below.

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