Happy Garden – Take It Up A Notch!

Ever look at a garden with envy because it just looked so… perfect? Well, not ALL of that is the skill of the gardener, but a few tricks of the trade that really improve the health and looks of your plants! Check out a few of our favorites below and try them out in your garden this spring!


  1. Cucumbers taste sweeter when planted near sunflowers – Both plants require similar soil conditions and the tall stalks of the sunflowers give cucumber plants something supportive to climb.


  1. Use crushed up eggs shells as fertilizer – packed with calcium carbonate, the shells work great to enrich the soil


  1. Water plants with chamomile tea – used to ward off bacterial and fungal infections to prevent young seedlings from damping off (make sure tea is cool before using)


  1. Plant in odd numbers – planting in odd numbers creates a more natural layout and makes plants look larger and healthier


  1. Garden by moonlight – experts say planting by moonlight minimizes water waste and causes gardens to grow faster and stronger


  1. Plant placement – place shorter plants to the south and taller plants to the north, this prevents plants from casting unwanted shadows over smaller crops


  1. Use cooking water for plants – water you use to cook pasta or boil veggies if full of left over vitamins and nutrients (make sure water is cool before using)

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