Keeping Up With Your Front Load Washer

Several family homes have upgraded to the front load washing machine. They stack, they’re energy efficient, they save you time and money – mostly money! But what about the upkeep to make these beautiful machines last longer? You’re probably saying, “Wait, upkeep?? People do that?” YES! Maintenance is very important to help keep your machine running smoothly and almost more importantly, keep your machine and clothes from exuding a nasty, moldy stench.

Today, most energy efficient washers have a self-cleaning setting – much like your oven. This cycle helps to take care of and even prevent mold and mildew build up from all those loads of laundry. But there are other cost efficient, easy ways to keep your machine clean and if you’ve passed that point and it’s already starting to stink, there are solutions for that as well.

Below are some links that we have found to help the average laundry-set-owner keep their washing machine clean and fresh. Whether it’s a daily ritual when you’re doing the laundry or a here-and-there cleaning, these tips will help you prevent and take care of this unfortunate situation.


Tips and tricks to do for every load:

Daily + Once-in-a-while cleaning techniques:

Deep cleaning your cleaning machine:

Bleach and vinegar – but not all at once!



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