The Potato

Enjoy these interesting facts about potatoes as you try some different ways of cooking your potato this holiday season.

  • A potato is about 80% water and 20% solid
  • Potatoes are grown in all 50 states and in 125 countries
  • An 8 oz. baked potato has 110 calories
  • The average American eats 124 pounds of potatoes per year — Germans eat more than 200 pounds per year
  • The Irish Potato Famine was caused by a fungus that destroyed the country’s ENTIRE potato crop
  • The largest potato grown was 18 pounds and 4 ounces according to the Guinness Book of World Records — and was grown in England in 1795
  • Potatoes are more nutritious when eaten with the skin on
  • Potatoes were the first vegetable grown in space in 1995
  • Potatoes are second only to milk products as the most consumed food in America
  • You can treat facial blemishes by washing your face daily with cool potato juice
  • You can treat frostbite or sunburn by applying raw grated potato to the affected area
  • Reduce aches and pains by rubbing boiled potato water (cooled) to the affected area

Brought to you by the U.S. Potato Board

Stuffing vs Dressing

It’s the season for turkey. I love holiday turkey and stuffing. . . or is it dressing?
I thought the name was because of where you put the breading- in or on the bird. Inside the turkey would be stuffing and around the turkey would be dressing, but did you know that what you call the breading is determined by where you live?
Thanksgiving cookbook author Rick Rodgers says that in the South and in some parts of the Mid-West it’s called dressing, and in the North it’s called stuffing. Why you ask. Eve Felder, associate dean at the Culinary Institute of America has a theory on that. She says that southerners call it dressing because the word sounds gentler than stuffing. Just like calling grits hominy.
Regardless of what you call it. The turkey wouldn’t be the same without it.
This holiday season consider making a stuffing/dressing that originated where you live (click to enlarge):

Happy Holidays!

Cooking the Perfect Turkey

I think it’s hilarious that I’m writing you wonderful folks recipe cards for “the perfect turkey” when I’ve been eating meat for like.. less than a year. Yeah, I was a vegetarian (and a strict one) for quite a while.

 But, I do have excellent research skills, and with some Google-fu I have conjured up a great Turkey recipe for your perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

 I know that I will be up at 5am that day helping my mother, or at least, supervising while she yells at me to get out of the way of her Thanksgiving cooking routine. With a little luck, my recipe card here will give my mom some relief that the perfect turkey is easy to attain—and maybe it’ll help you, too! Enjoy!

Click to enlarge and print out to save in your recipe card box!

A Brief History of Veterans Day

Veterans Day Formation

Joint Honor Guard members participate in a 2008 Veterans Day ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. (Photo/Cherie Cullen, U.S. Dept. of Defense)

The significance of November 11 started with the unofficial end of World War I, which happened when the Allied nations and Germany implemented a temporary cessation of war hostilities– also known as an “armistice.”  This armistice went into effect on November 11, 1918, at 11:00am. Seven months later the treaty of Versailles was signed and WWI was officially over. At the time it was the greatest war the world had ever seen, so it is also known as the Great War. Its ending had a deep impact on the citizens of the U.S and abroad, as people thought it would be “the war to end all wars.”

In 1919, Woodrow Wilson was the first president to recognize the new day by proclaiming it Armistice Day. He said that the day was meant for “pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory” of the war. Armistice Day was meant to be honored by closing down business for a two minute period beginning at 11:00am, as well as holding parades and having speeches. 

Armistice Day was recognized by the states as a legal holiday in 1926, and it wasn’t until 12 years later, in 1938, that Congress declared November 11 a legal Federal holiday. 

So how did Armistice Day become Veteran’s Day? After WWII and the Korean War created millions more war veterans, President Eisenhower changed the name of the legal holiday in 1954 to “Veteran’s Day,” in order to honor and recognize new veterans from these wars. 

In 1968, Congress passed the Monday Holiday Law—they moved Federal holidays to the first Monday after the actual date, to give Federal employees a longer weekend in hopes that people would travel and participate in recreational and cultural activities, which would stimulate the economy. 

Many states & veterans service organizations did not agree with this new law, since Armistice Day had significant historical meaning to U.S. citizens. In response to this, President Gerald Ford returned the observance of Veteran’s day to the original November 11 date, beginning in 1978. 

Every year on November 11, national ceremonies for veterans past and present take place to honor their willingness to serve and to sacrifice for the common good. This year, Appliance Factory Outlet is offering Veterans Day specials in honor of our troops. There are Veterans Day events going on all week, so take a look and find a way to honor our vets!

Appliance Manufacturers & Retailers Discount Product Nov 1 for Black Friday Sales


 Appliance Manufacturers & Retailers Discount Product Nov 1 for Black Friday Sales

27 October 2010

DENVER, CO—More than a month before Thanksgiving, appliance manufacturers such as GE, Frigidaire, and LG Appliance, and retailers, are launching Black Friday sales. Chuck Ewing, CEO of Appliance Factory Outlet, a local appliance retailer, attended a meeting of large appliance dealers in Chicago this summer, where retailers were told to look for Black Friday pricing to start for appliances and electronics around November 1 this year, or even earlier.

 “These are the lowest prices I’ve ever seen in the appliance industry,” said Ewing.

 Big box stores like Sears and Lowe’s, and Appliance Factory Outlet’s early roll-out was precipitated by LG Appliance’s Black Friday prices for retailers that were brought out in July of this year. This trend of lowering prices earlier and earlier in the season may be due to a recent trend in consumers not wanting to go out on the official Black Friday date, according to a recent article in the New York Times.

 This early discount pricing is a major benefit to consumers, giving them the chance to get lower prices without the rush, and the shopping convenience of avoiding long lines and of being able to get their appliances and other products before the holiday season.


Appliance Factory Outlet Corporate Office—

Free Appliances from Appliance Factory Outlet If Denver Shuts Out Oakland


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Appliance Factory Outlet:  303-782-5100

 Free Appliances from Appliance Factory Outlet If Denver Shuts Out Oakland

 Denver, CO, October 15, 2010 — At Appliance Factory Outlet™ we are devoted football fans, and to prove that we support the orange and blue, we’re giving away free appliances! If Denver shuts out Oakland on Sunday, October 24, 2010, Appliance Factory Outlet will be giving away up to $1,000,000 worth of FREE qualifying appliances!

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How to Make a “Christmas Spirit” Gift Basket

To spark your creative juices, here’s how to create a quick and easy gift basket for any holiday party. Everyone loves a good sangria, no matter what time of year, so why not make a Sangria-themed gift basket?

Painted Wine Glasses

Painted Wine Glasses

But since this is the holiday season, this Sangria Gift Basket comes with custom painted wine glasses! First, you’ll need…

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Stay out of Trouble: Driving Tips

Remeber to prepare yourself and your car for winter traveling.

Remeber to prepare yourself and your car for winter traveling

  • Go over a standard check list:
    • Adjust all mirrors
    • Check all fluids
    • Check tire pressure
    • Check windshield wiper blades
    • Check all signal lights
    • For long trips make sure your vehicle has had a recent oil service
    • Remember to fill up before driving up a mountain pass or a long distance between towns, to avoid running out of fuel or if you become stranded 
    • Emergency kit with the following: Continue reading

How To: Make a Christmas Vase

This is probably one of the quickest and simplest Christmas decorations you can make. To begin you will need the following:

Vase, ribbon, Christmas ornaments

Vase, ribbon, Christmas ornaments

-A glass vase

-Variety of sizes and colors of round Christmas ornaments


The object of this Christmas Decoration is to create a visually pleasing display with a variety of colors, textures, and sizes. To figure out how you would like your Christmas vase to turn out, first think about the colors you would like to use. Continue reading

Christmas Laughs

We received this story through an email generating throughout the United States and thought we’d share it with you. Enjoy! And have a Happy and SAFE Holiday Season!

Christmas Decoration causes Mayhem

Christmas Decoration causes Mayhem

“Good news is that I truly out did myself this year with my Christmas decorations. The bad news is that I had to take him down after 2 days. I had more people come screaming up to my house than ever. Great stories. But two things made me take it down. Continue reading

How To Make a Holiday Wreath

Garland: A wreath or festoon of flowers, leaves, or other material, worn for ornament or as an honor or hung on something as a decoration.

Create your own Holiday Wreath this Christmas Season

Create your own Holiday Wreath this Christmas Season

Garland is a common holiday decoration, draped upon mantels, wrapped around banisters, or more commonly seen to create holiday wreaths. I took this traditional Christmas embellishment and added my own touch to create a classic looking wreath. Here’s how to make one of your own for under $10: Continue reading