Why Upgrade?

Growing up, my dad would always say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is how I’ve been taught to ‘save money’ and take care of the things I have so they’ll last forever. Unfortunately, Dad, times have changed.

Refrigerators seem to be that appliance that people use until it falls apart; because of my Dad’s philosophy, I have always been a firm believer that upgrading is the last resort. But what people don’t know, is that by keeping that 10 year old refrigerator and passing up the new models, they are actually spending more money and settling for less. The main difference between an old and new refrigerator is the electrical consumption. With better temperature control, new features, more space, and lower noise levels, these new refrigerators are much more efficient, and save you money at the same time!

By consumers ‘indulging’ in new, upgraded appliances, energy use has dropped over 50% between 1987 and 2010. Appliances that have especially helped save energy are refrigerators with the Energy Star rating. Why is this so important? “Refrigerators that earn the Energy Star rating are about 15% more energy efficient than models that meet the minimum federal energy efficiency standard.” That’s 15% more energy saved on top of the amount of energy being saved with a new model refrigerator! If that’s not enough to encourage one to upgrade, switching to a new model is also better for the environment. Using energy efficient appliances in your home will significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that have been a growing concern.

So, if it ain’t broke… that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade!

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How to Prepare Your Kitchen for the Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

You too can have a deliriously happy Thanksgiving with by preparing your kitchen appliances.

It’s the last thing on everyone’s mind, but the worst thing that could happen on Thanksgiving: your appliances malfunctioning. If your home is the stage for your holiday meal, your appliances are your stage crew. Keep them happy, and the show will go on.

While your recipe selection is crucial to the perfect Thanksgiving meal, those dishes can’t happen without a reliable, functioning kitchen. Avoid “pizza night” by taking a few cues from our appliance experts: Continue reading

Product Review: “GFE29HSDSS” is French for “Large and in Charge”

By Ali McNally

This French door refrigerator is what GE calls the GFE29HSDSS, also known to non-appliance dorks as a “Pretty Big Refrigerator.” Actually, it’s a French-door, meaning all of your fresh food stays at eye-level and all of your ice cream and pizza treats stay in the freezer drawer on the bottom.

GE recently rolled out an advanced water filtration system for its newer, fancier lines of refrigerators, including this model. These filters remove several pharmaceutical-related substances found in many rural and municipal water supplies. While no one’s sure of the long-term effects of pharmaceuticals in drinking water, it doesn’t hurt to filter out that stuff anyway. Who knows what could happen.

Get in there! Click for a larger view.

Gremlin scares aside, let’s get back to how gigantic this refrigerator is. This GE French door model has about 29 cu. ft. of space, which is almost a studio apartment in some cities. Let’s not forget about how the side-panel lighting makes your food look more attractive, like it belongs on your mom’s Pinterest board.

And don’t be fooled by the rocks that we’ve got in the water and ice dispenser (get it?) , because this refrigerator has another ice maker in the freezer drawer. That’s twice the ice for pranking entertaining.

Finally, this refrigerator also comes equipped with its own cockpit temperature control unit right in the giant drinking water dispenser, which could fit your entire head! …Or a whole water pitcher, depending on what kind of person you are.

MSRP: $2,699
Appliance Factory Outlet: $1,929
You save: $770

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  • Tons of space, adjustable shelving and twice the ice-making capacity.
  • French-doors and lighting give fresh food more visibility.
  • Stainless steel finish at a great price.
  • Could be too large for a smaller household.
  • Do you really need two ice makers?
Did you buy this refrigerator? Leave a review and let us know what you think!

Counting Calories? This Maytag Refrigerator Can Help

The Maytag MFX2571XEM features a color touch LED screen that helps you count calories.

The refrigerator isn’t always your biggest ally when it comes to your diet. But premium features on the new Maytag MFX2571XEM can help you to stay fit and eat fresher foods.

The new Maytag MFX2571XEM is the latest in Maytag’s “Ice2O” series. It’s a classy French door refrigerator with beautiful shelving and drawer space—the refrigerator has a glass floor, so you can check your produce inventory in the extra bottom drawer while grabbing a glass of no-sugar-added apple juice. That extra drawer adds a ton of space—up to five grocery bag-fulls of your favorite produce or deli meat.

The bottom freezer drawer is even larger—since it sits on the bottom, mini chest freezer, as you can fit large amounts of food without having to “stack it” like in top-mount freezers. It also features two rolling drawers to put every day food items in, such as TV dinners or those delicious pot pies made by Marie Callendar.

But on your healthy diet, you’ll be staying away from those premade frozen meals, right? However, if you’re the only one in the house dieting, it just goes to show that this refrigerator is adaptable to any family environment—whether your focus is on protecting that fresh produce or having quick, convenient access to premade meals (because sometimes we all get a little busy).

The coolest part, of course, is the calorie counting. It doesn’t actually count your calories for you (you still have to hold some of the responsibility for your diet, geez!), but there is a handy nutritional database of common food items right in the LCD touch screen of the water dispenser. I checked it out myself (see pictures) and looked up the nutritional value of my favorite food—avocadoes! Delicious. The database’s food groups include dairy, fruits, meat, and of course, that mysterious “other” food group. It’s really fantastic—say you want that midnight snack but you’re not sure what to eat? Within a few seconds you can find out just how many calories are in that handful of almonds versus a small apple.. and voila, smart and healthy snacking.. even when it’s a midnight snack.

It also has handy food storage tips in order to maximize the life of your fresh produce and meats, so you can eat fresher, longer.

Overall? This fridge is perfect for the sophisticated consumer who’s looking for a refrigerator that fits neatly into your lifestyle, whether you are a busy mom or health food nut. The calorie-counting guide is perfect for those in need of a little helpful reminder everytime they go to the fridge, and it’s available at Appliance Factory Outlet & Mattresses—where we find you the best appliances to fit not just your lifestyle but your budget, too.

GE Appliances Partners with EPA

Dick Blume / Post-Standard file photo - from Syracuse.com

About 9 million refrigerators are disposed of each year in the US. Though 90% of used refrigerators are shredded for metal, the remaining foam and materials are stuffed into landfills across the US. During this shredding process large amounts of GHG and other harmful emissions are released.

One appliance manufacturer stands out among the rest in refrigerator recycling- GE.

GE is the first appliance manufacturer to partner with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their Responsible Appliance Disposal Program. This program provides an agreement between Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc. (ARCI) and GE. The two companies plan to vastly improve appliance recycling and refrigerator foam recovery in the US by investing in UNTHA Recycling Technology, which recovers about 95% of insulating foam in refrigerators that would normally stuff a landfill.

Cash for Clunkers Charging Up For Relaunch of Rebate Program


 Cash for Clunkers Charging Up For Relaunch of Rebate Program

22 Oct 2010

 DENVER, CO–The Cash for Clunkers Recharge Colorado rebate program is still handing out rebates for Energy Star certified appliances in Colorado. The Colorado Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) has already paid out over $2 million of the $3.4 million funds available for these rebates, but has decided to relaunch the program with a few new changes in order to increase participation. The program will launch on October 27, 2010.

 Updates on the Cash for Clunkers Rebate Program

  • The GEO states that rebate offers are on a first come, first serve basis. 
  • The applicant must purchase their qualifying appliance before applying for a rebate.
  • Check the list of qualifying appliances, as well as the terms and conditions before making a purchase to ensure compliance with the program.
  • The appliance rebates are still the same value as before:  
  • Dishwasher rebates for $50
  • Clothes washers for $75
  • Refrigerators for up to $100 with proof of recycling of the old unit
  • Appliance Factory Outlet offers complete delivery, installation, and haul-away of old appliances as well as recycling of the old unit in accordance with EPA guidelines.
  • The GEO will update their website to include real-time information on the amount of funds available
  • Required documents for the rebate must be postmarked within seven days of submitting their application in order to get the rebate

Appliance Factory Outlet can help you get your rebate and has a large selection of Energy Star certified appliances to choose from. We can also help you find other water and energy rebates for your Energy Star certified appliance throughout the state of Colorado. We are proud to help Coloradoans get more cash in return for upgrading their old appliances with more energy efficient ones in order to save money and reduce their impact on the planet.

 More information on terms and conditions can be found at your local Appliance Factory Outlet or by visiting www.RechargeColorado.com or call 1-800-462-0184.

Appliance Factory Outlet Corporate Offices

Samsung Rated Highest in Consumer Satisfaction for Sixth Year in a Row

RF4287HARS Model has fully customizable shelves and 28 cu ft of shelf space to store your food.

The RF4287HARS has customizable shelving with pop-out door shelves to fit all your favorite foods. Image courtesy Samsung.

What makes a great refrigerator? Samsung knows. According to J.D. Power and Associates, Samsung was rated highest in Customer Satisfaction with Refrigerators for the sixth year in a row this year. The highest ranking factors were ease of use, performance and reliability (which includes how well the refrigerator works, how noisy it is and energy efficiency), and features.

 J.D. Power and Associate’s study was based on responses from almost 6,000 consumers who purchased Samsung Refrigerators in the last two years, and what did they like most? Samsung did particularly well in the Side-by-Side and French Door refrigerator categories.  Samsung’s French Doors are unique and stylish, as well as very user-friendly.

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Easy Fixes for Common Appliance Problems

Appliances make our lives more convenient—if we didn’t learn this in 50s we sure know now. We use them for absolutely everything: washing our clothes, our dishes, storing our food, & much more. But what happens when something affects the way they work? They can cause minor inconveniences that sometimes we feel we might as well put up with. However, many people don’t realize that a lot of common appliance problems can easily be fixed with the right know-how and a proactive attitude towards fixing these minor problems! Remember, however, that sometimes more serious problems may be present and that a professional repair technician is always the best answer. Below are some common appliance problems with easy starting points on how to fix them.  Continue reading

New LG Refrigerator Technology Benefits Consumers, Planet

At a recent trade show in Berlin, LG unveiled its new plan for its line of refrigerators: better Linear Compressor technology. It allows refrigerators to free up space inside while making them more energy efficient, a focus that LG has taken seriously this past year.

The new LG LBC20514TT

The LG LBC20514TT refrigerator features the new linear compressor technology in the bottom-mounted freezer. Image courtesy LG.

New Refrigerator Technology Saves Energy, Saves Money, Saves Food
The third-generation designed Linear Compressor in LG’s new bottom-freezer units controls the cooling power of the refrigerator, which makes it 45 percent more efficient than the average A- rated refrigerator in Energy Star’s certification program. Energy Star officially gave the technology an A++ rating in Europe.

All around, the refrigerator is more efficient at preserving food, as well. It includes an Opti Temp Zone which optimizes the temperature in the refrigerator depending on the type of food, and their new Vita Light Zone technology provides internal LED lighting which helps food retain vitamins and nutrients in vegetables and fruit. According to LG, their refrigerator-freezers were also designed to preserve meat’s texture and taste when frozen, and maintain the flavor of foods for longer periods of time, which in turn saves you money on grocery bills.

LG Pushes for Green Appliance Development
This is the first of many products that LG is researching and developing in order to reduce their impact on the planet. LG plans to spend $18 billion in the next 10 years on “greening its operations,” as well as reducing their green house gas emissions by 40 percent, practicing electronics recycling (especially for refrigerators) and producing more efficient, ecofriendly appliances.

Shopping Green Saves You Money in More Ways Than One
LG’s new refrigerators now meet and even beat Energy Star certification thanks to the improved technology as well as other various features. The company offers a 10 year warranty on the third-generation linear compressor inside of their refrigerators, and you can find many of the new bottom-mount and French door styles for brand new at Appliance Factory Outlet. LG is also offering a $100 rebate for purchasing one of their new energy efficient refrigerators, so there’s never been a better time to upgrade your appliance.

Why Changing Your Water Filter is Important

If you use the ice or water dispenser from your refrigerator, most likely you’ve experienced that pungent “freezer taste.” An easy way to avoid this is to replace your refrigerator water filter. There are three types of water filters used in refrigerators :

Fiber water filter: made of rayon or spun cellulose fibers. This filter collects rust, lead and other sediments in the water.

Granular activated carbon (GAC) filter: This is the most common type of filter. The GAC filter traps chemicals and impurities found in water.

Solid carbon block filter: This is the newest water filter found in refrigeration. This filter strains the water more slowly allowing it to absorb more chemicals and impurities than the other filter types.

Most water filters should be changed at a minimum of every six months, although some refrigerator brands’ water filters can go up to 12 months. If you use your water or ice frequently, your filter should be changed more frequently. There are many benefits of water filters:

Regularly changing your refrigerator's water filter can save you up to $600 over costs of bottled water, according to Whirlpool. (Based on average use of two 6-month, 200 gal water filters verses purchasing the same amount of leading brand bottled water.)

  • Filters are a greener alternative to bottled water, both in cost and conservation. According to appliance manufacturer Whirlpool, changing a water filter twice a year saves 3,000 plastic bottles of water from ending up in landfills.
  • Filters save money. The average $25–$100 water filter saves the average consumer up to $600 over costs of bottled water, according to Whirlpool. (Based on average use of two 6-month, 200 gal water filters verses purchasing the same amount of leading brand bottled water.)
  • Filters are healthier for you. Regularly changing your refrigerator’s water filter helps you avoid cloudy ice, foul-tasting water, unpleasant ice and water odor, discoloration and floating particles.
  • Filters are healthier for your refrigerator. Regular filter changes an also save you from expensive repairs to water fixtures, because ineffective filters allow sediment build-up causing fittings to break, fixtures to leak and reduced water pressure.
Not changing your filter frequently enough can also result in “filtered” water containing more bacteria than the original water source. Water contaminants can get trapped in the filter, resulting in bacteria growth. An easy way to remember to replace your filter is to change it with Daylight Savings Time.
Most replacement parts come with easy-to-use instructions, but call a service technician if you’re unsure about the installation. Check Appliance Factory Outlet & Mattresses for your replacement water filter today. Appliance Factory Outlet carries water filters for major refrigerator brands like, GE, Frigidaire, Samsung, LG and more. Remember this small replacement can save you from more expensive water fixture replacements later, not to mention better-tasting water!