7 Ideas to Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom

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Preparing for holiday visitors doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your home. No matter how small or large your guest room, a few personal touches can take a spare bedroom from makeshift-closet to marvelous. Here are a few ideas for creating the perfect guest bedroom without calling the red alert: Continue reading

Appliance Factory Outlet & Mattresses Now Carries Serta iSeries

We’ve learned a lot since introducing mattresses to our stores over Memorial Day 2010. We’ve built a full line of traditional innerspring mattresses, pillowtop mattresses and the coveted memory foam models. We recently checked out Serta’s hybrid iSeries, and when we saw the beds had all the best qualities of all our mattress selections, we pounced on on the chance to share them with our customers.

The iSeries combines Serta’s Cool Action Gel Memory foam with its most advanced Duet™ Coil Individually Wrapped Coil-in-Coil Support System. The result is the best of both worlds: The cool cradling of Serta’s patented memory foam technology and unbeatable coil-in-coil support.

Did you get a new iSeries mattress? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

Hot, Sleepless Nights

Colorado summers are sunny, but they get hot! Trying to sleep in a hot room can be tough. According to research from the National Sleep Foundation, it takes longer to fall asleep and stay asleep in hot temperatures. Some of us choose not to use air conditioning due to cost or environmental concerns. Here are some tips on how to cool off your room without A/C:

  • Heat rises, so try changing locations if you typically sleep in the top floor of a multiple-story home.
  • Be MacGuyver: Freeze a milk jug of water and sit it in front of a regular fan. A pan of ice cubes works too.
  • Take a cool shower before heading to bed. A hot shower may increase the humidity in your space, which could make the temperature feel hotter.
  • Drink lots of fluids during the day. Staying hydrated, especially in dry Colorado weather, keeps your body cooler while sleeping.
  • Sleep outside. If it’s safe and there aren’t too many bugs flying around, sleeping outside feels like camping, only with easier access to a bathroom.
  • Rethink your bedding. Yeah, it’s the more expensive route but changing your sheets to lighter fabrics like cotton or linen allows your skin to breathe more in the face of a heatwave. Also, some mattresses like Serta’s iComfort and Perfect Sleeper models, are built to keep the body cooler. Stop in and test one out at any of our 12 locations.


Are you as environmentally friendly as you could be?

Let me guess. You’re the environmentally friendly type. You re-use your plastic baggies, recycle everything right down to your junk mail, and maybe you even compost your food. You bike to work at least once a week. Am I right? 

You’ve tried everything to reduce your carbon footprint by conserving energy and thinking more consciously about the planet. You might even drive a Prius… but do you sleep planet friendly, too? 

HGTV Green Home Collection Plush Mattress by Serta.

Mattresses are among the largest products made for consumers, along with appliances like refrigerators and clothes washers. Like all consumer products, they may travel far before getting to its final destination in your home. On top of that, the materials in the mattress such as steel inner coilsprings, wood boxsprings, memory foams and even the mattress covers can take a LOT of harmful processes to complete. 

Serta Mattresses partnered with HGTV in order to find a solution to this problem. The HGTV Green Home Mattress Collection by Serta features mattresses that are made with 95% recycled steel inner coil springs, and their memory foam options are made with soy in a process that greatly reduces carbon output. The mattress covers are made with 100% Organic cotton and linen so there are no harmful carcinogens or toxins on the mattress, and the boxspring itself is even made with sustainable lumber

The best part is that Serta makes these mattresses right here in Denver, so the mattress won’t have to travel hundreds of miles to get to your home when you’re in need of replacing your mattress. The HGTV Green Home Collection strives to be sustainable to ensure that consumers who are concerned with the fate of the planet can reduce their carbon footprint in every way possible—including while they sleep. How big is your carbon footprint? Calculate it here, and let us know :)

How to Care For Your Mattress

Did you know Appliance Factory Outlet also sells mattresses? Even Jake Jabs can't beat our price.

How long should a mattress last?

  1. Many factors play into this, such as how often a mattress is used (guest bed, or every night?) and the size and weight of the people sleeping on them. On average, a regular mattress will last 5 to 7 years, and a premium mattress will last up to 10 years.
  2. Inner coilspring mattresses last about 5-7 years
  3. Memory foam mattresses can last up to 10 or longer.

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Going Green with Serta: HGTV Green Home Mattress Collection

These days it is important for everybody to be environmentally conscious, especially businesses. In an effort to offer green products, Serta and HGTV have partnered together to provide a mattress collection that delivers high quality using technologies that recycle materials, cut back on pollution and use organic materials while still remaining affordable. 

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