Appliance Factory Outlet Introduces Price Guarantee

Appliance Factory Outlet & Mattresses is proud to announce its new Price Guarantee: Our customers are guaranteed the lowest price or your appliance is FREE!

Our buying power helps our customers get 30-60 percent off the manufacturer’s home appliances and mattresses. Appliance Factory Outlet buys overstocked appliances directly from manufacturers at substantial discounts, and then passes along the savings to our customers.

Terms and conditions: If you find a lower locally advertised identical, in-stock item we will beat the price. Excludes bid pricing, special orders, volume discounts, open box, labor/installation, rebates, free offers, errors in advertising and online purchases.

Appliance Factory Outlet & Mattresses is Searching for a New Mascot

Is your pet our new mascot?

In honor of our 25th anniversary, Appliance Factory Outlet is on the hunt for a NEW mascot! Could your lovable dog or furry kitten be our new poster child? We love our animals at Appliance Factory and encourage you to show the world you love yours! Submit a photo of your pet to our Facebook contest applications page and share with friends and family to encourage voting. The pet with the most amount of votes will be picked to star in our advertising and marketing campaigns for a whole year. Don’t think we forgot about the owner, though. If your pet wins, you’ll get a $150 gift card to go towards a minimum purchase of $599, a Serta Medium-sized Woogie Pet Bed and an entire gift package of ecofriendly ktichen cleaners by Eco-Sential.

Second and Third place prizes are available, too! For more information on second and third place prizes, click here. To enter the contest, go to our Facebook page here.

All these luxurious prizes could be yours.

First Place Prizes:

  • Your Pet featured in our advertising and marketing throughout the year!
  • $150 gift card to go towards a minimum purchase of $599
  • A Medium-size Serta Woogie Pet Bed
  • An EcoSential Kitchen Cleaning Care package which includes stainless steel cleaner, smooth cooktop cleaner, all-over surface cleaner, cloths and cleaning pads
  • Your Pet will be famous in Colorado! ;)

Can You Spot the Difference Between These Two Dishwashers?


Can You Spot the Difference Between These Two Dishwashers?

Both are stainless steel inside and out. Both have hidden controls. Both have a silence rating of about 52dB. Both are ENERGY STAR rated.

Their insides aren’t much different either, besides color and a few design and engineering details. And they both certainly wash dishes well.

The Left one's insides!

The Right one’s insides!


So, besides basic DESIGN (like the handles) and COLOR (like the nylon or plastic parts), can you spot the difference? Think hard, the answer is more hidden than you think!

The winner will get a free stuffed Serta Sheep!

Denver Water Rebates Being Reduced by 33 Percent

The Denver Water rebate is being reduced by 33 percent on March 16 and Appliance Factory Outlet is helping consumers apply for those rebates to save as much as possible on Energy Star certified appliances before the funds dry up.  

Currently, Denver County residents can get up to $150 off qualified high-efficiency washing machines. After March 16, that rebate will drop by $50.


Continue reading for info on other Colorado water rebates.

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The Affinity Challenge: Guaranteed Best Value in Steam or Your Money Back

Frigidaire Affinity Series Washer Dryer Set

Best Value in Front Load Laundry

At Appliance Factory Outlet, we love to bring you the best value for your buck. That’s what we do. We also love to bring the most reliability in the market, and that’s why we’ve chosen to highlight Frigidaire’s Affinity Steam laundry pair this week. Frigidaire has been rated as the most reliable brand among appliances year after year, with the lowest amount of service calls of any brand. 

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Denver Water Rebates are Being Reduced March 16, 2011


Save Water, Save Cashola.

Did you make a commitment to become more energy efficient for the New Year? It’s almost the end of February now, so hopefully you’re still going strong on those resolutions. If you haven’t done anything yet to save more energy, you may want to start now before it’s too late.  

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GEO Recharge Colorado Rebate Program Funds Running Low


Energy Rebates from Governor’s Energy Office Running Out

 10 February 2011

 DENVER, CO—The Governor’s Energy Office rebate program for energy efficient purchases is winding down almost a year after its initial launch in April 2010.

 The final push of the program is being supported by local retailers such as Appliance Factory Outlet, which has been helping consumers replace existing appliances with ones that are energy efficient. Less than $50,000 is left of the original $3.4 million in rebates, which was part of a federal economic stimulus fund from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The GEO is offering $75 rebates for clothes washers, $50 rebates for dishwashers, and $100 for refrigerators with proof of recycling; without it the rebate is $50. 

These rebates can be combined with others, such as the Denver Water rebate, and Appliance Factory Outlet is helping consumers find them to save as much as possible on Energy Star certified appliances before the funds dry up.

As of February 10, about $38,000 of the funds remained available, and any qualified appliance purchased from April 19, 2010 and later can qualify for the rebate. 

The company held two live radio events last Saturday with KOSI 101.1 FM, KBCO 97.3, and representatives of the GEO featuring give-aways and helping consumers fill out rebate forms.

In order to get the rebate, consumers can go to Appliance Factory Outlet and fill out all the appropriate forms to send them in. For more information on rebates, contact Appliance Factory Outlet’s corporate office at 303-782-5100.

Cash for Clunkers Energy Rebates Update – Funds Running Low


Photo Courtesy

As of Monday, January 17 2011, the Cash for Clunker’s Recharge Colorado Rebate Program only had $143,700 in funds left, from the $3.4 million that was available when the program first launched early last year

The Governor’s Energy Office is offering rebates for people who replace an existing appliance with one that is Energy Star qualified. Any qualified appliance purchased from April 19 and on is available for the rebate program.  A list of qualified appliances & rebate amounts can be found on Recharge Colorado’s website

In order to get the rebate, you must fill out all the appropriate forms and send them in within seven days of submitting your application online. The GEO is offering $75 rebates for clothes washers, $50 rebates for dishwashers, and $100 for refrigerators. You must provide proof of recycling for refrigerators in order to get the full rebate, without it the rebate is $50. 

Appliance Factory Outlet offers complete delivery, installation, and haul-away of old appliances, which can include recycling the old unit in accordance with EPA guidelines. We also carry a large selection of Energy Star qualified Continue reading

Great Values on Appliances Prevail for Consumers Week After Christmas


 Black Friday Prices and Better on Appliances for Week after Christmas

24 Dec 2010

DENVER, CO– Although consumer purchasing increases greatly right after Christmas, some Colorado retailers are hesitating on dropping prices for consumers. Despite this, few people realize that the week after the holiday is the largest shopping period for appliances, and when some of the best values and biggest sales happen in that industry.

 “This is the number one time for consumers to buy appliances,” said Chuck Ewing, CEO of Appliance Factory Outlet, a local retailer with 11 locations throughout Colorado, including Denver, the Front Range, Colorado Springs, and Grand Junction.

 “Consumers return the luxuries they don’t need and buy the necessities they do need,” said Ewing. In addition, many scrimp and save during the holidays, and once they’ve gotten through Christmas, they’ll take the extra money they have and buy something that they do need, he said.

 “It’s an ideal time for them to shop, fix up their kitchen, and buy appliances for the New Year,” he said.

 Given the increasing demand for appliances, manufacturers and retailers are in tremendous competition for customers, which creates immense value for the consumers during this time of year.

 Appliance Factory Outlet is running a 50 percent-off sale, bring back Black Friday pricing for the week after Christmas. Just like Black Friday, this is the best time for consumers to take advantage of the low prices retailers are offering, and for consumers that are looking to buy but missed out on Black Friday deals.


Chuck Ewing, CEO Appliance Factory Outlet

Holiday Gift Buying Guide: 11 Tips for Buying Appliances as Christmas Gifts

Before You Buy

There are no standards for appliance space sizes, counter depth or height, etc. Measure the space for your appliance with a measuring tape—do not measure the appliance you are replacing. Write down the dimensions and bring them with you.

Also—measure the width of your doorways/staircases if you are bringing the appliance in through them. Doors can usually be removed to fit in appliances, but alas, doorjambs and stairways and cannot be widened to fit your large appliances.

This seems easy if you’re buying a range but you should make sure you know if your hookup is electric or gas if you are buying a dryer or an oven (some are dual fuel!)


Side by Side & French Door Refrigerators open from both sides, so there's not too much worry about hinges unless you're buying a traditional top mount or other types of appliances. Photo credit: Alex Muse

If hinges open on the wrong side for you, you may have to get them switched around. Our delivery/installation team can do this for a small additional fee.

Does the person you are buying this gift for know what he or she wants? Can you get an idea of what they are looking for without ruining the surprise? Knowing what you are looking for will cut down on shopping time which means you spend less time out there during the crazy holiday shopping season. There are a lot of features and options to consider when looking for a new appliance, so keep that in mind.

The Day of the Sale

If you’re picking up this appliance, you may have to pick it up from our warehouse. You can also have it delivered before or after Christmas. We offer same day delivery on in-stock merchandise purchased before noon, except for on Sundays. Some other exclusions may apply, so be sure to call up your local store for more details. Right now we’re adding some extra sweetness to our delivery deals by offering Red Bow Delivery and Red Bow Deluxe Delivery for those who want to give their gifts with a little extra pizzazz.

Get your appliance delivered, detailed, deluxed, polished up & presented with a deluxe red bow with our Red Bow Deluxe Delivery Service.


Our Red Bow Deluxe Delivery includes hooking up the appliance and installing it in your home for you. If you decide to install it yourself, make sure that you have all the necessary accessories for the appliance (power cords, hoses, etc). Make sure to ask your salesman if you’re not sure whether you have everything you need to install it.

After the Sale

Our deliveries are done within a 2 hour window. You should get a call the day before your scheduled delivery.

If your appliance is an Energy Star appliance, you could apply for more savings through Recharge Colorado. Once you’ve received your appliance, you can fill out the required forms on Recharge Colorado’s Cash for Clunkers rebate program and save even more money. Keep in mind that not all appliances qualify, though, and that the forms DO expire, so it’s best to fill them out & return them as soon as possible.

Knowing how your new appliance works will help you utilize all those great features!

Avaiable at your local Appliance Factory Outlet.

Aside from the hoses and cords you might need, you’ll also want to look into items like rinse-aid for your new dishwasher, and stainless steel or ceramic cleaner to keep your cooktops & surfaces looking bright and shiny. Refrigerator water filters also need to be replaced every 6 months to a year depending on your model (remember the manual!).

Check out our blog for great recipes to test out on your new range or oven! We also cover details of the Recharge Colorado Rebate Program to help you get situated,and give you advice on preventative care & how to’s for your appliance.

Happy Shopping!

Consumers Save Big with Black Friday pricing for Appliances on Veteran’s Day


 Consumers Save Big with Black Friday pricing for Appliances on Veteran’s Day 

11 November 2010 

DENVER, CO—Consumers across the nation and in Colorado are saving huge amounts of money on Veteran’s Day with Black Friday pricing. 

“These are the same prices they are going to see on Black Friday,” said Chuck Ewing, CEO of Appliance Factory Outlet, a local retailer in Colorado. 

Due to soft appliances sales, manufactures are overstocked on inventory and huge savings have been passed on to the consumers on hundreds of product that are never-before-seen great buys. 

Appliance Factory Outlet has the same product as the big box stores, and consumers will be able to shop locally and support the Colorado economy, all while getting guaranteed better pricing, more personal service, and even a better selection buy shopping at Appliance Factory Outlet.



Appliance Factory Outlet Corporate Office

Consumers save with Black Friday pricing at Appliance Factory Outlet


 Consumers save with Black Friday pricing at Appliance Factory Outlet

1 November 2010

DENVER, CO—Consumers are getting Black Friday deals at Appliance Factory Outlet almost a month before the biggest shopping day of the year. The Denver-based appliance retailer had record sales of Black Friday product over this last weekend.

 “We discounted our products down to Black Friday prices and are giving unbelievable savings to our consumers,” said Chuck Ewing, CEO of Appliance Factory Outlet.

 Appliance Factory Outlet has already sold over $300,000 worth of Black Friday product such as French-door stainless refrigerators, new steam laundry in various colors and kitchen ranges. Consumers are getting legitimate Black Friday pricing and saving a tremendous amount of money on products right now, and Appliance Factory Outlet says this will continue on through the day after Thanksgiving.

 The early roll-out of Black Friday pricing by Appliance Factory Outlet, as well as Sears, Best Buy, and Ultimate Electronics, is giving consumers the chance to get their appliances before the holiday season and avoid the long lines of the Black Friday rush.


Appliance Factory Outlet Corporate Office—

Cash for Clunkers Charging Up For Relaunch of Rebate Program


 Cash for Clunkers Charging Up For Relaunch of Rebate Program

22 Oct 2010

 DENVER, CO–The Cash for Clunkers Recharge Colorado rebate program is still handing out rebates for Energy Star certified appliances in Colorado. The Colorado Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) has already paid out over $2 million of the $3.4 million funds available for these rebates, but has decided to relaunch the program with a few new changes in order to increase participation. The program will launch on October 27, 2010.

 Updates on the Cash for Clunkers Rebate Program

  • The GEO states that rebate offers are on a first come, first serve basis. 
  • The applicant must purchase their qualifying appliance before applying for a rebate.
  • Check the list of qualifying appliances, as well as the terms and conditions before making a purchase to ensure compliance with the program.
  • The appliance rebates are still the same value as before:  
  • Dishwasher rebates for $50
  • Clothes washers for $75
  • Refrigerators for up to $100 with proof of recycling of the old unit
  • Appliance Factory Outlet offers complete delivery, installation, and haul-away of old appliances as well as recycling of the old unit in accordance with EPA guidelines.
  • The GEO will update their website to include real-time information on the amount of funds available
  • Required documents for the rebate must be postmarked within seven days of submitting their application in order to get the rebate

Appliance Factory Outlet can help you get your rebate and has a large selection of Energy Star certified appliances to choose from. We can also help you find other water and energy rebates for your Energy Star certified appliance throughout the state of Colorado. We are proud to help Coloradoans get more cash in return for upgrading their old appliances with more energy efficient ones in order to save money and reduce their impact on the planet.

 More information on terms and conditions can be found at your local Appliance Factory Outlet or by visiting or call 1-800-462-0184.

Appliance Factory Outlet Corporate Offices

Free Appliances from Appliance Factory Outlet If Denver Shuts Out Oakland


For more information:

Appliance Factory Outlet:  303-782-5100

 Free Appliances from Appliance Factory Outlet If Denver Shuts Out Oakland

 Denver, CO, October 15, 2010 — At Appliance Factory Outlet™ we are devoted football fans, and to prove that we support the orange and blue, we’re giving away free appliances! If Denver shuts out Oakland on Sunday, October 24, 2010, Appliance Factory Outlet will be giving away up to $1,000,000 worth of FREE qualifying appliances!

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Bosch: Pro-Environment Since the Beginning

Bosch has always been energy efficient, and has been committed to environmental protection and resource conservation for 25 years. Being a German company, their appliances have always been engineered to European standards, something that American consumers may not know. Now, however, Bosch is making it known. They’ve recently introduced their “Green Technology Inside” symbol to help consumers identify the most energy efficient appliances they produce.

Green Technology Inside According to the Bosch website, the logo “symbolises our commitment to developing the most efficient home appliances and producing them according to our strict ecological guidelines.”

 Their newly developed product line has dropped energy usage all across the board, without sacrificing performance. The biggest reduction in energy usage was for their line of Refrigerator-Freezers, which use a whopping 61% less energy than their older versions. Their laundry had a 46% drop in energy usage, and their dishwashers, what Bosch is best known for in the U.S., had a 25% drop.

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