Most Energy Efficient Appliances: Dishwashers/Part 2 [VIDEO]

Here’s part two in our series about energy efficient appliances. The video features three different dishwashers, and below is a review of the Bosch Ascenta dishwasher.

Best Energy Efficient Dishwashers

The Bosch Ascenta SHX5AL05UC is one of our favorite dishwashers, and with good reason. Bosch is heralded for making energy efficiency work with style, offering hidden controls and stainless steel. The interior is also stainless steel, which traps in heat and sanitizes the dishes without extra energy. The dishwasher also comes with an optimum wash sensor which automatically adjusts water levels to how dirty your dishes are.

The dishwasher doesn’t have a heated dry feature, but uses SaniDry technology that dries dishes through condensation. On top of that, the heating element at the bottom of the dishwasher is hidden—most dishwashers leave that heating element exposed, leaving fragile plastic cups and dishes to get mangled if one were to fall out of dishrack and to it’s doom.

The SHX5AL05UC is also affordable. It costs only $31 a year in electricity and uses 2.38 gallons of water per wash cycle, making it Tier 2 CEE qualified. We offer this dishwasher for just $699 at Appliance Factory Outlet, and you can also get a $100 Denver Water rebate if you live in Denver County.

Bosch: Pro-Environment Since the Beginning

Bosch has always been energy efficient, and has been committed to environmental protection and resource conservation for 25 years. Being a German company, their appliances have always been engineered to European standards, something that American consumers may not know. Now, however, Bosch is making it known. They’ve recently introduced their “Green Technology Inside” symbol to help consumers identify the most energy efficient appliances they produce.

Green Technology Inside According to the Bosch website, the logo “symbolises our commitment to developing the most efficient home appliances and producing them according to our strict ecological guidelines.”

 Their newly developed product line has dropped energy usage all across the board, without sacrificing performance. The biggest reduction in energy usage was for their line of Refrigerator-Freezers, which use a whopping 61% less energy than their older versions. Their laundry had a 46% drop in energy usage, and their dishwashers, what Bosch is best known for in the U.S., had a 25% drop.

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The Subtly Stunning Bosch Dishwasher: Ecofriendly, Clean, Quiet

Bosch Integra 800 Series / courtesy

You’re in the kitchen, grabbing an after-dinner-snack, and question whether or not you forgot to put the dishes in the dishwasher. You look over at the empty kitchen sink and your eyes glide to the dishwasher, and then back to your sink. The dishes aren’t in the sink… but it’s virtually silent in your kitchen. The swish-slosh-swish-slosh sounds you’re used to hearing don’t echo throughout your house anymore after dinner time.

This ain’t your mother’s dishwasher. It’s a Bosch.

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