Giving Cookies and Scrumdiddlyumptious Desserts as Gifts

Stumped on a gift idea for that friend of yours?

Try baking them up a batch of these easy recipes (one recipe doesn’t even require cooking ;) ) and wrap them up in holiday coloured cellophane! It’s the thought that counts, and these make me think: “Delicious.”

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GingerBread Waffles with Hot Chocolate Sauce-- yum, breakfast!

Cranberry Hootycreeks-- I don't know what a Hootycreek is, but I know that this gift idea is definitely scrumdiddlyumptious.

Sour Cream Cutouts– these adorable looking cuties stay soft and creamy, great for after dinner desserts!

Recipes adapted from Recipe card design by L. 

Cooking the Perfect Turkey

I think it’s hilarious that I’m writing you wonderful folks recipe cards for “the perfect turkey” when I’ve been eating meat for like.. less than a year. Yeah, I was a vegetarian (and a strict one) for quite a while.

 But, I do have excellent research skills, and with some Google-fu I have conjured up a great Turkey recipe for your perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

 I know that I will be up at 5am that day helping my mother, or at least, supervising while she yells at me to get out of the way of her Thanksgiving cooking routine. With a little luck, my recipe card here will give my mom some relief that the perfect turkey is easy to attain—and maybe it’ll help you, too! Enjoy!

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Induction Cooktop

When looking for a new cooktop or range there are a lot of things to consider. Probably the most important is what type of heating technology is best: gas, electric, or induction. Traditional cooking technology of radiant heat or gas is common in today’s households but what about induction? What exactly is induction technology?

GE Profile 30" Induction Cooktop

GE Profile 30" Induction Cooktop

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