Consumers save with Black Friday pricing at Appliance Factory Outlet


 Consumers save with Black Friday pricing at Appliance Factory Outlet

1 November 2010

DENVER, CO—Consumers are getting Black Friday deals at Appliance Factory Outlet almost a month before the biggest shopping day of the year. The Denver-based appliance retailer had record sales of Black Friday product over this last weekend.

 “We discounted our products down to Black Friday prices and are giving unbelievable savings to our consumers,” said Chuck Ewing, CEO of Appliance Factory Outlet.

 Appliance Factory Outlet has already sold over $300,000 worth of Black Friday product such as French-door stainless refrigerators, new steam laundry in various colors and kitchen ranges. Consumers are getting legitimate Black Friday pricing and saving a tremendous amount of money on products right now, and Appliance Factory Outlet says this will continue on through the day after Thanksgiving.

 The early roll-out of Black Friday pricing by Appliance Factory Outlet, as well as Sears, Best Buy, and Ultimate Electronics, is giving consumers the chance to get their appliances before the holiday season and avoid the long lines of the Black Friday rush.


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Energy Star Dishwashers

The Benefits of Energy Star Dishwashers  

by sandra long 

I was one of those people who always thought that washing my dishes by hand got them cleaner and used less water than washing my dishes in a machine. I use the word “was” stating I have definitely changed my mind once I learned more about Energy Star Dishwashers. Not only will you save time by washing dishes in an Energy Star dishwasher but you’ll also save money, water, energy and help save our environment.   Continue reading

Appliance Factory Outlet Cash for Clunkers Huge Success

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April 22, 2010

Appliance Factory Outlet “Cash for Clunkers” a Huge Success

Appliance Factory Outlet sets a new record high in sales with the launch of Cash for Clunkers Recharge Colorado. “Our business jumped by 400% in a single day,” said Cleat Crocker, Marketing Director of Appliance Factory Outlet, “We knew this would be big but even we didn’t expect it to be this big”.

Customers have been flooding into Appliance Factory Outlet locations throughout the state since the program launched April 19th. Crowds rushed in to purchase qualifying Energy Star models of refrigerators, washers, and dishwashers. Crocker went on to say, “Now the customers are switching their focus from registering online for the state rebate to finding a local Colorado company to fulfill their appliance needs.”

Appliance Factory Outlet attributes their success to being Colorado’s largest independent, locally owned appliance dealer. Appliance Factory Outlet is a State registered recycler, ensuring their customers will receive the maximum refrigeration rebate. Customers who implement their refrigerator rebate at Appliance Factory Outlet go from a $50 rebate up to a $100 rebate.

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100% Sales Increase on Black Friday

Appliance Factory Outlet Celebrates a 100% Sales Increase on Black Friday

Denver, CO, November 30, 2009

Surpassing expectations, Colorado’s Appliance Factory Outlet & Mattresses announced today that it more than doubled last year’s Black Friday sales. The appliance retailer set its new record sales high in a period where the appliance industry reports 10 to 15% sales decrease nationally. Continue reading

Go Green: About ENERGY STAR Appliances

energy star

Many of us are making adjustments to save energy and money. Whether it is carpooling to work, using energy-saving light bulbs or getting a car that uses less gas, we’re all concerned about global warming and the environment.

We can decrease our carbon footprint by using the right products. Our appliance experts can help your family’s home become its most efficient and environmentally friendly. Continue reading

Appliance Factory Outlet is the 44th Largest Retailer of its Kind

The June 16, 2008 edition of TWICE magazine recognized Appliance Factory Outlet as the 44th largest independent national appliance dealer, proclaiming the appliance retailer as a leading national appliance retailer.

Thanks to all our loyal customers who have supported the company throughout the past 20 years.

Appliance Factory Outlet has been a proud distributor for all major appliance manufacturers including GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, Electrolux, LG are just a few of over 25 brand names sold.  By offering customers knowledgeable sales persons, attentive customer service and quality products, you, the customer, has responded positively by solidifying our position as 44th in the nation.

To all the great Appliance Factory Outlet employees and all our wonderful customers over the past 20 years, Thank You!