Most Energy Efficient Appliances for Earth Day! Part 1

FAFS4474 Frigidaire Affinity Steam Washer.

FAFS4474 Frigidaire Affinity Steam Washer.

Here’s our line-up for energy efficient appliances! Just in time for Earth Day, we gathered what we thought were the best bang for your buck to help you save some green in more ways than one. We’ll be posting our top picks for energy efficient appliances over the next few days. Today’s feature is front-load laundry.

 Best Energy Efficient Front-Load Laundry: Frigidaire

 The Frigidaire Affinity FAFS4474 steam washer was rated one of the most energy-efficient front-loading washer by the CEE for 2010, which accounts for water usage, heating and projected drying time after the wash cycle. It uses only 2.9 gallons of water per cubic foot of washing volume and about 104 kWh of energy per year, meaning the overall annual electricity bill for this machine would run you about $12 a year.

 It features IEC 4.4 cu ft of space with advanced anti-vibration control, making it ideal for second-story laundry rooms, as well.

 Appliance Factory Outlet is offering this washer for over 50% this week which includes the $100 Denver Water rebate. This is our most popular washing machine so hurry in, supplies are limited! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s review for top-load laundry.

Spring Cleaning: Four Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Refrigerator

Welcome to part two in our Spring Cleaning for Appliances series. This week we’ll be showering our spring cleaning love on refrigerators.


That fridge better be clean.

Chances are you clean the inside of your refrigerator every once in a while, but have you ever cleaned the condenser coils? If not, chances are they are so dirty that your refrigerator might not be cooling properly. Dust, pet hair and other gross things can get caught in the compressor fan and cause your refrigerator to get too hot. The coils will either be on the front or behind the fridge, covered by a vent plate. You can clean it with a special condenser-coil brush (found at hardware stores) or a vacuum hose. Unplug it or cut the circuit breaker first.

The door gasket can be wiped down with a mixture of hot water and detergent, as well. For the insides, use a wet sponge to pick up any food residue first. You can use white vinegar to wipe down all the dirty old food spills and then use a dry towel to make it squeaky clean.

If you’ve got a Side by Side fridge with an icemaker/water dispenser, wipe down and clean any residue off the dispenser itself to remove any lime residue. You can also use approved ice-maker cleaner to clean out hard water deposits inside the machine. This will be a good time replace your water filter, too (here’s a video on how).

Next it’s time to defrost the freezer. Again, make sure the power is off. Frost isn’t always bad, but sometimes it can actually make the freezer too cold and cause freezer burn. Empty the freezer’s contents and then wipe down the interior with a solution of 2 tbsp baking soda in 1 quart of hot water. Wipe it down with a dry towel and don’t forget to put all the food back in the freezer.

The refrigerator is fairly easy compared to the dishwasher, huh? There are less moving parts. Do you have any refrigerator cleaning tips that I missed?

The Affinity Challenge: Guaranteed Best Value in Steam or Your Money Back

Frigidaire Affinity Series Washer Dryer Set

Best Value in Front Load Laundry

At Appliance Factory Outlet, we love to bring you the best value for your buck. That’s what we do. We also love to bring the most reliability in the market, and that’s why we’ve chosen to highlight Frigidaire’s Affinity Steam laundry pair this week. Frigidaire has been rated as the most reliable brand among appliances year after year, with the lowest amount of service calls of any brand. 

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Denver Water Rebates are Being Reduced March 16, 2011


Save Water, Save Cashola.

Did you make a commitment to become more energy efficient for the New Year? It’s almost the end of February now, so hopefully you’re still going strong on those resolutions. If you haven’t done anything yet to save more energy, you may want to start now before it’s too late.  

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5 Easy Tips for Front-Load Laundry Care and Maintenance

Keep that door ajar! Image from


Front-loading laundry is notorious for a trademark musty smell that comes from inside the machine. The issue actually comes from the design of the machine, water can get stuck inside of the door gasket and other parts of the machine and mildew builds up.  In 2005, there was actually a lawsuit against Maytag because the issue got so bad customers were complaining of mold actually being ON their clothes. 

Fortunately, advancements have been made in front-load technology since then but appliance manufacturers now suggest certain tips to ensure that mold and mildew don’t build up anymore, including leaving the door ajar. Electrolux has even innovated a special door clip that leaves the door ajar without leaving it wide open, to prevent Continue reading

Induction Cooktop Technology: Hotness for the Holidays

Cooking Goes High Tech for the Holidays
Induction cooking. It sounds like a hot new technology, but the idea of induction heating has been around since the early 1950s. Up until recently induction cooktops were expensive and generally only available for commercial use. Appliance Factory Outlet CEO Chuck Ewing said that it’s one of the hottest home kitchen appliances for this holiday season – economical for the every-day consumer and more convenient for holiday cooking. 

Better Cooking Technology
Appliance Manufacturer Samsung introduced an induction range that offers high-quality technology for an affordable price, giving consumers the opportunity to experience induction cooking.

 The induction cooktop boasts rapid cooking time because the cooking energy comes from a magnetic field. The cookware gets hot, not the cooktop surface. Over 93 percent of the energy used goes towards cooking the food, which is far more efficient than both gas and electric.

 This makes the induction cooktop a fitting appliance for households with children, those who are concerned with their energy usage, or those that value convenience and fast cooking times.

 Magnetic Cookware Needed
The only drawback is that the cookware used has to be made of the right metals. If the pan is aluminum or copper-based, they won’t heat up. “The best way to test for this is to see if a magnet sticks to the bottom of your pan”, said Ewing. If it does, it works for induction cooking.

 Portable Induction Cooktop
For consumers that can’t quite afford the price of a full induction cooktop range but still want to delight the chef in their family, Appliance Factory Outlet offers a portable induction cooktop by Frigidaire for less than $100, which comes with cookware.

Why Changing Your Water Filter is Important

If you use the ice or water dispenser from your refrigerator, most likely you’ve experienced that pungent “freezer taste.” An easy way to avoid this is to replace your refrigerator water filter. There are three types of water filters used in refrigerators :

Fiber water filter: made of rayon or spun cellulose fibers. This filter collects rust, lead and other sediments in the water.

Granular activated carbon (GAC) filter: This is the most common type of filter. The GAC filter traps chemicals and impurities found in water.

Solid carbon block filter: This is the newest water filter found in refrigeration. This filter strains the water more slowly allowing it to absorb more chemicals and impurities than the other filter types.

Most water filters should be changed at a minimum of every six months, although some refrigerator brands’ water filters can go up to 12 months. If you use your water or ice frequently, your filter should be changed more frequently. There are many benefits of water filters:

Regularly changing your refrigerator's water filter can save you up to $600 over costs of bottled water, according to Whirlpool. (Based on average use of two 6-month, 200 gal water filters verses purchasing the same amount of leading brand bottled water.)

  • Filters are a greener alternative to bottled water, both in cost and conservation. According to appliance manufacturer Whirlpool, changing a water filter twice a year saves 3,000 plastic bottles of water from ending up in landfills.
  • Filters save money. The average $25–$100 water filter saves the average consumer up to $600 over costs of bottled water, according to Whirlpool. (Based on average use of two 6-month, 200 gal water filters verses purchasing the same amount of leading brand bottled water.)
  • Filters are healthier for you. Regularly changing your refrigerator’s water filter helps you avoid cloudy ice, foul-tasting water, unpleasant ice and water odor, discoloration and floating particles.
  • Filters are healthier for your refrigerator. Regular filter changes an also save you from expensive repairs to water fixtures, because ineffective filters allow sediment build-up causing fittings to break, fixtures to leak and reduced water pressure.
Not changing your filter frequently enough can also result in “filtered” water containing more bacteria than the original water source. Water contaminants can get trapped in the filter, resulting in bacteria growth. An easy way to remember to replace your filter is to change it with Daylight Savings Time.
Most replacement parts come with easy-to-use instructions, but call a service technician if you’re unsure about the installation. Check Appliance Factory Outlet & Mattresses for your replacement water filter today. Appliance Factory Outlet carries water filters for major refrigerator brands like, GE, Frigidaire, Samsung, LG and more. Remember this small replacement can save you from more expensive water fixture replacements later, not to mention better-tasting water!