Energy Rebates from Governor’s Energy Office Running Out


 Energy Rebates from Governor’s Energy Office Running Out

 1 February 2011

 DENVER, CO—The Governor’s Energy Office, KOSI 101.1 FM and local retailer Appliance Factory Outlet are teaming up on February 5 for the final push of the Recharge Colorado rebate program, which offers rebates for people who replace an existing appliance with one that is energy efficient and Energy Star qualified. Less than one-tenth of the $3.4 million in funds set aside last March for energy rebates are remaining from the GEO.

 The live radio event will take place this Saturday, Feb 5, at Appliance Factory Outlet, located at 5880 W. 88th Ave. in Westminster from 2-4 pm. Sales associates will help consumers fill out rebate forms and KOSI 101.1 will give away a GE front loading high-efficiency washing machine and dryer set via a raffle.

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Cash for Clunkers Energy Rebates Update – Funds Running Low


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As of Monday, January 17 2011, the Cash for Clunker’s Recharge Colorado Rebate Program only had $143,700 in funds left, from the $3.4 million that was available when the program first launched early last year

The Governor’s Energy Office is offering rebates for people who replace an existing appliance with one that is Energy Star qualified. Any qualified appliance purchased from April 19 and on is available for the rebate program.  A list of qualified appliances & rebate amounts can be found on Recharge Colorado’s website

In order to get the rebate, you must fill out all the appropriate forms and send them in within seven days of submitting your application online. The GEO is offering $75 rebates for clothes washers, $50 rebates for dishwashers, and $100 for refrigerators. You must provide proof of recycling for refrigerators in order to get the full rebate, without it the rebate is $50. 

Appliance Factory Outlet offers complete delivery, installation, and haul-away of old appliances, which can include recycling the old unit in accordance with EPA guidelines. We also carry a large selection of Energy Star qualified Continue reading

UPDATED: Cash for Clunker Appliances

Cash for Clunker Appliances  

Cash for Clunkers Rebate Reservation began April 19th. Coloradans were able to go to to reserve their rebates. People who were able to reserve rebates had 30 days to purchase their qualifing appliances and mail in their rebate forms. Beginning around May 24, unused rebates will be given to names on the waiting list. We expect a lot of rebates to become available . If you haven’t reserved your rebate yet, visit to reserve yours.  

Energy Star logoThe program designed to make the roads more environmentally friendly has now moved into American house holds. The U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced that $300 million in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has been allocated for the replacement of household appliances to new Energy Star models. The program is designed to allow each state to decide the specific requirements of which appliances qualify and how much of a return the consumer will get.    

 How much is Colorado allocated?    

The program has issued $4,739,000 to the state of Colorado. 

  When does the program begin? 

 The projected start date is April 19, 2010. You must reserve your government rebate the morning of April 19th online at Rebates are expected to run out quickly, we recommend reserving your rebate first thing April 19th. A call center will also be available at 1-800-462-0184 For more information on the program please visit

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