Appliance Factory Outlet & Mattresses is Searching for a New Mascot

Is your pet our new mascot?

In honor of our 25th anniversary, Appliance Factory Outlet is on the hunt for a NEW mascot! Could your lovable dog or furry kitten be our new poster child? We love our animals at Appliance Factory and encourage you to show the world you love yours! Submit a photo of your pet to our Facebook contest applications page and share with friends and family to encourage voting. The pet with the most amount of votes will be picked to star in our advertising and marketing campaigns for a whole year. Don’t think we forgot about the owner, though. If your pet wins, you’ll get a $150 gift card to go towards a minimum purchase of $599, a Serta Medium-sized Woogie Pet Bed and an entire gift package of ecofriendly ktichen cleaners by Eco-Sential.

Second and Third place prizes are available, too! For more information on second and third place prizes, click here. To enter the contest, go to our Facebook page here.

All these luxurious prizes could be yours.

First Place Prizes:

  • Your Pet featured in our advertising and marketing throughout the year!
  • $150 gift card to go towards a minimum purchase of $599
  • A Medium-size Serta Woogie Pet Bed
  • An EcoSential Kitchen Cleaning Care package which includes stainless steel cleaner, smooth cooktop cleaner, all-over surface cleaner, cloths and cleaning pads
  • Your Pet will be famous in Colorado! ;)

Most Energy Efficient Appliances: Top Load Laundry/Part 3


GE GRWN5150MWS High Efficiency WasherBest Energy Efficient Top-Load Laundry

We picked the GE GRWN5150MWS due to its PreciseFill Option, where the water levels are automatically selected. It’s CEE Tier III, meaning it’s the highest Energy Star qualification. This model uses 4.5 gallons of water per cubic foot of washing volume, and costs about $17 a year in electricity to operate. It uses about twice as much water than the front-loading Frigidaire model and while top-loaders have a ways to go in energy efficiency, this one does top the charts.

If this one isn’t quite your style, we have other various High Efficiency washers on sale this week at Appliance Factory Outlet– from 4/24 to 4/30 you can get a free dryer with purchase of select washers. See your local store for details.

Most Energy Efficient Appliances: Dishwashers/Part 2 [VIDEO]

Here’s part two in our series about energy efficient appliances. The video features three different dishwashers, and below is a review of the Bosch Ascenta dishwasher.

Best Energy Efficient Dishwashers

The Bosch Ascenta SHX5AL05UC is one of our favorite dishwashers, and with good reason. Bosch is heralded for making energy efficiency work with style, offering hidden controls and stainless steel. The interior is also stainless steel, which traps in heat and sanitizes the dishes without extra energy. The dishwasher also comes with an optimum wash sensor which automatically adjusts water levels to how dirty your dishes are.

The dishwasher doesn’t have a heated dry feature, but uses SaniDry technology that dries dishes through condensation. On top of that, the heating element at the bottom of the dishwasher is hidden—most dishwashers leave that heating element exposed, leaving fragile plastic cups and dishes to get mangled if one were to fall out of dishrack and to it’s doom.

The SHX5AL05UC is also affordable. It costs only $31 a year in electricity and uses 2.38 gallons of water per wash cycle, making it Tier 2 CEE qualified. We offer this dishwasher for just $699 at Appliance Factory Outlet, and you can also get a $100 Denver Water rebate if you live in Denver County.

Most Energy Efficient Appliances for Earth Day! Part 1

FAFS4474 Frigidaire Affinity Steam Washer.

FAFS4474 Frigidaire Affinity Steam Washer.

Here’s our line-up for energy efficient appliances! Just in time for Earth Day, we gathered what we thought were the best bang for your buck to help you save some green in more ways than one. We’ll be posting our top picks for energy efficient appliances over the next few days. Today’s feature is front-load laundry.

 Best Energy Efficient Front-Load Laundry: Frigidaire

 The Frigidaire Affinity FAFS4474 steam washer was rated one of the most energy-efficient front-loading washer by the CEE for 2010, which accounts for water usage, heating and projected drying time after the wash cycle. It uses only 2.9 gallons of water per cubic foot of washing volume and about 104 kWh of energy per year, meaning the overall annual electricity bill for this machine would run you about $12 a year.

 It features IEC 4.4 cu ft of space with advanced anti-vibration control, making it ideal for second-story laundry rooms, as well.

 Appliance Factory Outlet is offering this washer for over 50% this week which includes the $100 Denver Water rebate. This is our most popular washing machine so hurry in, supplies are limited! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s review for top-load laundry.

Are you as environmentally friendly as you could be?

Let me guess. You’re the environmentally friendly type. You re-use your plastic baggies, recycle everything right down to your junk mail, and maybe you even compost your food. You bike to work at least once a week. Am I right? 

You’ve tried everything to reduce your carbon footprint by conserving energy and thinking more consciously about the planet. You might even drive a Prius… but do you sleep planet friendly, too? 

HGTV Green Home Collection Plush Mattress by Serta.

Mattresses are among the largest products made for consumers, along with appliances like refrigerators and clothes washers. Like all consumer products, they may travel far before getting to its final destination in your home. On top of that, the materials in the mattress such as steel inner coilsprings, wood boxsprings, memory foams and even the mattress covers can take a LOT of harmful processes to complete. 

Serta Mattresses partnered with HGTV in order to find a solution to this problem. The HGTV Green Home Mattress Collection by Serta features mattresses that are made with 95% recycled steel inner coil springs, and their memory foam options are made with soy in a process that greatly reduces carbon output. The mattress covers are made with 100% Organic cotton and linen so there are no harmful carcinogens or toxins on the mattress, and the boxspring itself is even made with sustainable lumber

The best part is that Serta makes these mattresses right here in Denver, so the mattress won’t have to travel hundreds of miles to get to your home when you’re in need of replacing your mattress. The HGTV Green Home Collection strives to be sustainable to ensure that consumers who are concerned with the fate of the planet can reduce their carbon footprint in every way possible—including while they sleep. How big is your carbon footprint? Calculate it here, and let us know :)

Cash for Clunkers Energy Rebates Update – Funds Running Low


Photo Courtesy

As of Monday, January 17 2011, the Cash for Clunker’s Recharge Colorado Rebate Program only had $143,700 in funds left, from the $3.4 million that was available when the program first launched early last year

The Governor’s Energy Office is offering rebates for people who replace an existing appliance with one that is Energy Star qualified. Any qualified appliance purchased from April 19 and on is available for the rebate program.  A list of qualified appliances & rebate amounts can be found on Recharge Colorado’s website

In order to get the rebate, you must fill out all the appropriate forms and send them in within seven days of submitting your application online. The GEO is offering $75 rebates for clothes washers, $50 rebates for dishwashers, and $100 for refrigerators. You must provide proof of recycling for refrigerators in order to get the full rebate, without it the rebate is $50. 

Appliance Factory Outlet offers complete delivery, installation, and haul-away of old appliances, which can include recycling the old unit in accordance with EPA guidelines. We also carry a large selection of Energy Star qualified Continue reading

Going Green Part I: Sustainable Flooring

More and more people are renovating their homes and turning to more environmentally friendly products and practices. With the popularity of “going green” gradually increasing there are many more options for homeowners to choose from.

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In this “Going Green” series I will go through different options from floor to ceiling for achieving a sustainable kitchen.


Green flooring has come a long way from the typical linoleum or cork material. With tons of options to choose from, homeowners have the freedom to design the perfect interior space without limiting their flooring options.  Continue reading