Most Energy Efficient Appliances: Top Load Laundry/Part 3


GE GRWN5150MWS High Efficiency WasherBest Energy Efficient Top-Load Laundry

We picked the GE GRWN5150MWS due to its PreciseFill Option, where the water levels are automatically selected. It’s CEE Tier III, meaning it’s the highest Energy Star qualification. This model uses 4.5 gallons of water per cubic foot of washing volume, and costs about $17 a year in electricity to operate. It uses about twice as much water than the front-loading Frigidaire model and while top-loaders have a ways to go in energy efficiency, this one does top the charts.

If this one isn’t quite your style, we have other various High Efficiency washers on sale this week at Appliance Factory Outlet– from 4/24 to 4/30 you can get a free dryer with purchase of select washers. See your local store for details.

Most Energy Efficient Appliances for Earth Day! Part 1

FAFS4474 Frigidaire Affinity Steam Washer.

FAFS4474 Frigidaire Affinity Steam Washer.

Here’s our line-up for energy efficient appliances! Just in time for Earth Day, we gathered what we thought were the best bang for your buck to help you save some green in more ways than one. We’ll be posting our top picks for energy efficient appliances over the next few days. Today’s feature is front-load laundry.

 Best Energy Efficient Front-Load Laundry: Frigidaire

 The Frigidaire Affinity FAFS4474 steam washer was rated one of the most energy-efficient front-loading washer by the CEE for 2010, which accounts for water usage, heating and projected drying time after the wash cycle. It uses only 2.9 gallons of water per cubic foot of washing volume and about 104 kWh of energy per year, meaning the overall annual electricity bill for this machine would run you about $12 a year.

 It features IEC 4.4 cu ft of space with advanced anti-vibration control, making it ideal for second-story laundry rooms, as well.

 Appliance Factory Outlet is offering this washer for over 50% this week which includes the $100 Denver Water rebate. This is our most popular washing machine so hurry in, supplies are limited! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s review for top-load laundry.

Electrolux named Energy Star Partner of the Year!

Electrolux was named Energy Star Partner of the Year! Appliance manufacturer Electrolux has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as Energy Star Partner of the Year due to their efforts at increasing their Energy Star qualified product line and educating consumers about the Energy Star program.

 Here is a quote from the article:

“As a proud ENERGY STAR partner, Electrolux is committed to bringing consumers energy-efficient appliances with uncompromising design, functionality and quality,” said Kevin Scott, president of Electrolux Major Appliances, North America. “Energy efficiency and environmental concern are key elements of the Electrolux global commitment to sustainability in our products and in our operations. This recognition is an honor and a testament to our long-standing relationship with the ENERGY STAR program.”

 You can read more about it on their website!

Spring Cleaning: 6 Organizing Ideas for Laundry Rooms

Your laundry room isn’t just the last-resort location for the family cat litter. Organization is key — the more organized your laundry room, perhaps the less you’ll loathe spending time there every weekend.

Organizing your laundry room can allow you to re-purpose it into an office space.

But where to begin on organizing a space you hate using?
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Denver Water Rebates are Being Reduced March 16, 2011


Save Water, Save Cashola.

Did you make a commitment to become more energy efficient for the New Year? It’s almost the end of February now, so hopefully you’re still going strong on those resolutions. If you haven’t done anything yet to save more energy, you may want to start now before it’s too late.  

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Kitchen Appliance Measurements

One of the most overlooked steps in buying an appliance is getting the right measurements. Not all kitchen appliance brands have standard measurements, so getting your kitchen’s specific space requirements should be one of the first steps you take when deciding on a good investment. Some important factors to consider:

  • Keep appliances size-appropriate. Large-capacity models in small kitchens lack visual appeal and practicality.
  • Measure your home’s entry ways so you can be sure you’ll be able to get your new appliance inside the house.
  • Remember to take measurements of width, height and depth of where your appliance will sit.
  • Be aware of the space an appliance will need to open and close.

This is what a counter depth fridge looks like. Photo from

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Fisher & Paykel’s 10 Year Motor Warranty

If you recently bought a Fisher & Paykel washing machine, you’re probably already familiar with how well it cleans your clothes. But did you know what the key factor is that makes your washer run so efficiently? It’s the smart drive motor. This exceptional motor doesn’t have any brakes, pulleys, gears or belts like most washing machine motors, and it’s capable of adjusting its speed to the movement of your clothes by using built-in sensors. Not only does Fisher & Paykel’s technology exceed other washing machine brands, but the New Zealand company goes a step further by offering an outstanding warranty on their motor–for free!

Fisher & Paykel already gives its consumers a warranty covering parts and labor for any whiteware purchase for one year. In addition to this warranty, Fisher & Paykel back their smart drive motor with an additional nine year direct drive motor warranty – giving you altogether a 10 year warranty on the motor of your washing machine. Not many laundry brands do this for free.


To know if your washing machine qualifies check the serial number on the Continue reading

Kelly Ripa & Electrolux Support Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

Ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer and the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths among women- 22,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year according to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

 This month Electrolux and Kelly Ripa are reaching out to laundry consumers to help raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Electrolux has committed to raise $750,000 for the OCRF. In this effort Continue reading

New Electrolux Laundry Highlights: Wave-Touch & Largest Capacity Washers & Dryers

Electrolux Wavetouch Colours

The new line of Electrolux Laundry. Courtesy Electrolux

Electrolux is a kingpin in the laundry appliance market—they develop & produce washer/dryer sets that are not only efficient, ingenious and quiet, but they look fabulous, as well. Front load washing machines have been an increasing trend in the market and this is one brand that is leading the pack—and doing it very well.

Front-loading washers used to be the standard in the 1940s and 50s, but were phased out with top-loaders because they caused massive vibration and had to be anchored to the floor to keep them from moving all over the place. Electrolux’s new Perfect Balance System, showcased in their new line of laundry appliances, is the solution for just this problem. This state-of-the- Continue reading

Fisher & Paykel Laundry


Lint comparment in top load dryer; courtesy

The island company Fisher & Paykel known for their dishwasher drawers has become an expert in user-friendly laundry inventions.

Since their beginning, Fisher & Paykel has focused on engineering. They started back in the 1930’s in New Zealand. At first they only manufactured designs under license, but they quickly expanded into the development of their own technology. It was with this new focus that Fisher & Paykel created their impact on appliances.

With their emphasis on technology they have developed a top loading washing machine that is more energy efficient than many of their competitor’s front loading washing machines. Their AquaSmart washer is Continue reading